#MabiniMabiskeg: A School Supplies Donation Campaign for Typhoon Lando Victims at Mabini, Western Pangasinan

The recent damages that Typhoon Lando has left in the country made so much damage on many provinces. It breaks my heart to see photos of broken down buildings and uprooted trees (among other devastating images) which shows how much the areas hit by the typhoon would need to get back on track again.

Photo from Balincaguin Conservancy

I’m a firm believer that this kind of devastation shoudn’t hamper the education of children despite the broken down infrastructure and instead have them be empowered to continue with everyday life through the help of their fellow Filipinos.

One of the crowdfunding drives I found was #MabiniMabiskeg. It is a social media-driven donation campaign by Triumph Aquino for the elementary and high school students of Mabini, Western Pangasinan to crowdsource school supplies to help the elementary and high school children get back on track again after Typhoon Lando.

For those of you wondering why #MabiniMabiskeg, Mabiskeg is the Pangasinense term for firm and strong.

mabini western pangasinan lando aftermath mabinimabiskeg

Photo from Balincaguin Conservancy

“Schools were one of the hard-hit structures in the province. More often than not, schools are not the go-to help target of people. It’s a way of maximizing the help people can offer. I want to further focus on education because when I was child, while we were preparing to evacuate on a stormy night, my Mom told me to secure my school bag. It must be really important for parents to make their children go to school after a calamity, and it should be. Imagine going to school without anything,” said Triumph when I asked him why he wanted to focus on getting school supplies instead of other donations.

mabini western pangasinan lando aftermath mabinimabiskeg 2

Photo from Triumph Aquino

You can help #MabiniMabiskeg in 2 ways:

1) Share and post publicly on your social media accounts about this crowdsourcing initiative using the hashtags #MabiniMabiskeg and #LandoPH;


2) Give school supplies donations. Food, used clothes, and cash donations will also be accepted:

QC area –  Romelie Tamares (09366949555)

Makati area – Koko Alviar (09178261557)

Mabini, Pangasinan – Franz Marabe (+639995514843) and Carrel Reyes (09267273369).

Fund Drive Dates: Oct 21 – Nov 6, 2016

Donations will be brought to Pangasinan on November 7

Let’s do our part and help bring back the education for the kids of Mabini, Western Pangasinan through #MabiniMabiskeg!


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