Lydia’s Lechon Cooks Up Exciting New Contests for Their 49th Anniversary

Lydia’s Lechon Cooks Up Exciting New Contests for Their 49th Anniversary


Would any Filipino occasion be complete without the star centerpiece dish ‘lechon’? Lechon is a term for roast pig and there’s something about this exquisite dish that always makes us come back for more… maybe it’s the crispy skin, the super soft and juicy meat, the specially-made sarsa or sauce, or maybe the herbs and top-secret ingredients.



 Lydia’s signature Boneless Lechon Paella is like a dream. Crunchy and great-tasting. 


Lydia’s Lechon celebrates its 49th anniversary this year at their main branch in Baclaran. Can you believe it? 49 years of serving nothing but the best lechon along with their special sarsa! Behind their story of success, though, is a humble beginning with a solid foundation in discipline and love for work as founder Mrs. Lydia de Roca (‘Tita Lydia’ as everyone fondly calls her) told us during the event. 


 This is the facade of their main branch in Baclaran, just a few steps away from the Baclaran Church. 


Inside is a very cozy dining area. They also serve super affordable meals.


Of course, no anniversary would be complete without their signature dishes like the Boneless Lechon. We also had a serving of their Special Chicharon. One can easily distinguish their lechon and chicharon from the others out there through their taste and sarsa. It’s a miracle that their lechon doesn’t have any thick layers of fat and grease. I could actually eat their chicharon without feeling guilty.



Here’s their Special Chicharon. None of the greasy aftertaste. Just plain guilt-free indulgence. 


And here’s a plate-full of their signature Boneless Lechon Paella. 


Pssst! We have a little secret to spill for you… Lydia’s Lechon revealed that they’re coming up with several contests in celebration of their upcoming 50th anniversary next year. These include a Photo Painting contest that will emphasize on classic Filipino values; a ‘share your Lydia’s Lechon experience’ contest, and their recent ‘Name That Pig’ contest.

There will surely be more to come, though, so make sure you stay alert. This is their way of saying thank you to the community for the trust and patronage in Lydia’s Lechon. Later on, Tita Lydia shared her story from the very beginning in 1965. They only had a meager capital of P500, but they used it as capital for their litson business. Tita Lydia never gave up, and she was always telling us “No guts, no glory.”



Tita Lydia makes her speech after the group photo. She recalls how her business grew from one small stall on the sidewalk to several branches in the Philippines.


It was a wonderful evening to have been part of their 49th anniversary celebration. Of course, they served nothing but the best! I have to mention here that you really have to try their All Around Sarsa, as well. It’s very flavorful and rich in spices. We love you, Lydia’s Lechon!




Here’s a short video to give you a glimpse of the event, as well:



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Lydia’s Lechon Cooks Up Exciting New Contests for Their 49th Anniversary