Luxe Aura Nail and Face Studio: Pamper Yourself in Luxury from Head to Toe

Luxe Aura Nail and Face Studio: Pamper Yourself in Luxury from Head to Toe


When In Manila, life can get so fast-paced that each of us needs a little pampering from time to time to unwind and relax our tired feet and minds.


Experience pampering at its best at Luxe Aura Nail and Face Studio located at the heart of Better Living Subdivision in Bicutan, Paranaque. 


Luxe_Aura_Nail_Face_Studio_7The interiors of Luxe Aura





Unlike most nail studios or spas in the metro; here in Luxe Aura, the interiors are less girly and lean more towards a modern cosmopolitan design. Luxe Aura doesn’t only cater to women, but also caters to men’s grooming. They even have kid-friendly services, thus making it a place to relax and unwind with the whole family.




The Luxe Aura Wheel


Luxe Aura: The One-Stop Shop for Grooming and More


Luxe Aura is like a one-stop shop for all your grooming needs from manicure, pedicure, foot and hand spa, facials, waxing and threading to hair and make-up and non-surgical Liposculpting. One of their most prided services is their 7-step hand spa and 8-step foot spa (Which I personally got to experience). For them, there are no shortcuts in the services that they give to their clients. Let me take you through the process.



The products and materials that will be used for the 8-step foot spa.


Luxe Aura offers 8 kinds of foot spas for all you with a foot fetish. You can check them out here. The one that I tried was their  Soothing: Muscular Relief Foot Spa. Apricot seed plus a strong combination of peppermint and spearmint exfoliates softens and refreshes tired, achy feet; then, the cooling mask relieves dryness and soothes. Feel the powerful strength of mint with this treatment – a sure way to put a spring back in your step! It was perfect for my tired and calloused feet due to dancing.



 Getting my feet soaked at Luxe Aura




First was the Soaking, where my feet were soaked in warm water to soften the skin. Then there was the Callous Removal, where bunions or hard callouses were removed from my feet. I like the way they do this step because they do not use blades. This was followed by Scrubbingwhere Luxe Aura used scrubs that are made of micro beads – perfect for sensitive skin.


Next was the Masking & Wrapping, where they masked half of  my leg and wrapped it with cling wrap. Then, they placed a warm towel to steam my leg. I felt so relaxed and all of the tension on my leg was eased. After that was the Cleansing, where the mask was washed off using warm water. Then there was the Massage – my favorite part in the whole process! Then there was the Moisturizing, where butter/lotion was placed on my feet. And lastly, there was the Hydrating, where peppermint oil was spritzed on my feet and legs.


To cap off the whole process, a pedicure service is included in the package at Luxe Aura.



Oh happy feet! The finished product after the intensive 8-step foot spa at Luxe Aura.


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