Lunacian Scholarship League: The First Professionally-Produced Axie Infinity Tournament Returns for Season 2

The Lunacian Scholarship League, riding on the high of its very successful Season 1, has officially announced Season 2 of its tournament series for 2021. Launching in September and consisting of four tournaments spanning from September to November, LSL aims to be the leading vehicle for scholarship guild-focused Axie Infinity tournaments in the Metaverse. Expanding the prize pool of Season 1, this new season will have scholars competing for a huge total prize pool of over $24,000* in assorted currencies, with a bigger portion of the prize pool going to the Mystic Cup, the last tournament.

Axie Infinity Lunacian Scholarship LeagueAxie Infinity. Image: Lunacian Scholarship League

LSL recognizes that the Axie Infinity community is crucial to its continued success, and aims to provide the best experience for everyone involved. Offering the same standard of high-quality production and league operations, LSL S2 further raises the bar with exciting, informative content and expanded overall experience for participating scholarships, players, and audiences.

Season 2 of LSL officially launches on September 1 and will run until November 20, featuring four major tournaments with professional LIVE broadcasts, side events for the community such as the Weekly SLP Race, web shows with popular Axie personalities, and tons of content—both competitive and casual—for the Axie Infinity community. Capitalizing on producing an engaging audience experience, content and messaging will be curated to convey cohesive storylines through teasers, announcements, press features, polls and even memes.

LSL S2 Official Poster

Leaning into the NFT aspect of Axie Infinity, LSL Season 2 will be minting 128 NFT tickets for scholarship heads who wish to enter their team into the tournament. These NFT tickets will be each team’s Season Pass to join every tournament, and only ticket holders will be allowed to participate. Each ticket will only allow a 4-person team to enter and compete. Each newly minted NFT ticket will cost an approximate 0.05ETH, with the initial private sale being held on September 3-7 and opening to the public on September 8.

Returning partners Yield Guild Games, Sky Mavis, and will be joined by new partners Rivalry, MakerDAO, Axie Infinity Retreat (AIR), and Eplayment in helping LSL Season 2 reach new heights. Rivalry CEO Steven Salz shares, “Opportunity follows the growth of a new title in nearly every vertical from media to teams to competition. We are excited by the growth of Axie and really keen to begin supporting the ecosystem.” Rivalry is the biggest sponsor of LSL for Season 2, and is first in the sports betting industry to extend its support to the Axie community.

Axie Infinity Lunacian Scholarship League

Catch the high-level Axie Infinity plays on the tournament live broadcasts, scheduled for September 25, October 9, October 23, and November 20. Keep an eye on LSL’s social media pages and Discord server for side events, bite-sized content, and of course, the spiciest Axie Infinity memes.


A joint venture IP by esports veteran org SEAesport, Overdrive Studios, and blockchain education hub BlockchainSpace, the Lunacian Scholarship League or LSL is the first professionally produced esports tournament for the Axie Scholarship Community.

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