Lucky Aces: Amazing Fil-Canadian 12 year Old HipHop Dancers Are in Manila!

The amazing 12 year old hiphop duo and internet sensation are here in Manila to work on a project with ABS-CBN network, reports. They are from Vancouver Canada but did you know that Lucky Ancheta and Ace Bonifacio are Filipino?

If you haven’t heard of the amazing 12 year old hip-hop duo, Lucky Aces then you’re in for a treat! They rose to stardom when Ellen Degeneres featured them on her show after seeing videos of them online.


Ellen also sent them to meet teen pop idol Ariana Grande. They were only sent to meet Ariana but the superstar was blown away and she asked them to perform with her on stage at her concert in Los Angeles last May 2015.

Filipino fans are excited to see what the talented duo have in store for their fans in the Philippines.

What do you think of the Lucky Aces? What do you think are they doing in Manila??