LTFRB to Summon Bus Driver on the Viral EDSA Video

First it was a statement by a Netizen how “cheap” MMDA orange barricades are. The guy who took the photo below mentioned that it was the wind that blew them away.

MMDA Barrier

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We haven’t even moved on from this issue, another incident along EDSA that was (fortunately) captured and shared on social media had gone viral.

With that, the Land Transportation and Regulatory Board will summon both bus driver and operator.

According to the Philippine Star report, “LTFRB Chair Winston Ginez said the LTFRB will summon the operator and driver of Joanna Jesh bus that hit the barriers on EDSA as shown on the Facebook post of Top Gear Philippines.”

In the video below, the bus hit the orange traffic barriers that caused traffic in EDSA. Luckily, the incident did not cause any accidents to nearby passengers and vehicles.

Video owner Ian Santos said that the bus did not stop until their attention was called.

In case you missed it, watch the video below:

I think it’s about time LTFRB reprimands these buses and its operators. Both must know their responsibilities – to promote excellent service and safer travels.

Again, it’s about time.

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