LOOK: Netizen Shares Photos of How “Cheap” MMDA Barriers Are in EDSA

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has been in the spotlight ever since. Even so, when they presented new initiatives such bus lanes, no-private vehicle-in-yellow lane (or be fined P500) and designated loading and unloading stations along EDSA.

buses unloading in edsa

Unfortunately, there are still hard-headed bus drivers (and commuters) who don’t abide by the new rules and regulations.

Speaking of the new bus lane policy, a netizen shared photos in Facebook of how “cheap” the MMDA barriers are in EDSA.

MMDA Barrier

According to the photo owner, Robert Yatco, the barriers – that are supposed to serve as lane dividers – must be sturdy and not impede the way of traffic.

MMDA Barrier

However, as his post in Facebook reads, a gust of wind blew and suddenly the barrier covered an entire lane.

Read his full description below:

Wanna see how cheap those EDSA bus lane dividers are? A gust of wind blew and suddenly the barrier covered an entire lane…

Nothing really strong, mind you.
WIND did that.
When it flooded, they floated around.

All these millions getting spent and we get cheap ass barriers that can contribute to traffic. /smh

EDIT: as corrected by people, it’s not that it’s cheap. It’s that they didn’t place water… which is negligent on the other hand. The floating barriers fiasco happened December (i think?). So shouldn’t they have addressed this?

Water Filled Barriers

Obviously, the barriers seen in EDSA are called Water Filled Barriers, which are also being used by other countries. Moreover, these are used for maximising safety in the road as it’s more visible than the concrete ones.

These Water Filled Barriers are a great alternative to traffic flow and control. However, these are generally lightweight and can be easily transported, as well as, moved and connected to each other. Therefore, road authorities must put water in it to give them weight and stability against any deliberate misplacement.

Considering these are “lightweight,” the MMDA authorities should know how to implement or use these barriers accordingly to prevent inconvenience.

How about you, what’s your say on this issue? Share your thoughts below!


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