Lovepop Cards: Game of Thrones Pop-Up Cards and More!

Article by Arielle Choy

Are you a person who always had a hard time buying gifts for your friends and family? Or are you someone who always buys gifts at the last minute? Not being able to find the right present on time can be really stressful, especially if you really do not know what to get yet.

When in doubt or in a pinch for time, greeting cards are always a good option to show someone that you care. However, they may be seen as boring and generic if you get them at a bookstore. Lovepop Cards has got you covered by revolutionizing greeting cards and taking them to a whole new level.


Here are five reasons why Lovepop Cards are the answer to all of your gift-giving problems:

5. They are not your ordinary your ordinary greeting cards.

Unlike any other old greeting card, Lovepop Cards feature cool 3D popup designs that really stand out. As their website states, each Lovepop Cards design is planned and conceptualized by naval engineers using special software. The design patterns are cut out on paper using lasers. Each piece of the paper sculpture is then assembled by hand using techniques from Kirigami, a form of paper art originating from Asia.

LovepopCards 2

4. They have cards for almost every special occasion.

Aside from the generic birthday, anniversary, and Christmas cards, Lovepop Cards offers hundreds of other designs you can choose from. They even have cards with random (but still really pretty) designs like animal and nature themes. No matter what occasion or who you’re getting a card for, Lovepop Cards bounds to have something for you. For whatever reason or occasion, Lovepop Cards makes it very easy for you to show someone just how much you care. 

LovepopCards 9

3. There is a card for everyone.

Being a fan of Game of Thrones, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Lovepop Cards actually has a partnership going on with the television series. The two designs I got were the Drogon and Daenerys Pop Up Cards and The Night King and Viserion Pop Up Cards. Like me, I am sure that most fans of the television series will really enjoy these cards.

LovepopCards 6

Another thing that amazed is me about Lovepop Cards is how they have cards specifically for the LGBT+ community. As a supporter of LGBT+ rights, it really warmed my heart to see wedding and anniversary cards that depict LGBT+ couples. 

2. The amount of detail on each card is astounding.

As a huge fan of Game of Thrones, I can say that the cards really exceeded my expectations. The attention to detail on each card is unbelievable as you can see that every little detail is well thought of and made with care. As you can see in the following photos, each dragon and their specific riders are so detailed that it’s amazing to think that everything is only made with paper. 

LovepopCards 3

LovepopCards 4

1. Each card is basically a work of art.

Because of how pretty the cards look, I found it hard to believe that they were just greeting cards. Frankly, Lovepop Cards look like something that I should be putting in glass frames instead of envelopes. I believe that Lovepop Cards actually have a 2-in-1 function.

Aside from being a greeting card, Lovepop Cards also serve as a collectible toy of some sort. I actually kind of want to start collecting Lovepop Cards because of how awesome they look. For people who are really bad at buying gifts, Lovepop Cards are your best bet to give something cool and meaningful to someone you care about.

LovepopCards 7

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Want to get your own 3D greeting card? Find Lovepop Cards at the following locations:

Alter Ego: 5th Floor New Wing EDSA Shangrila Plaza

Urban Traveller & Co. (Greenbelt): 2nd Floor Greenbelt 5

Urban Traveller & Co. (Vertis): Ground Floor Ayala Vertis North