Love Yoga? 5 Reasons to Join Your First Yoga Weekend Retreat


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The next best thing to a daily yoga practice is joining your first yoga weekend retreat. Fun and inspiring, a good retreat contains all the ingredients for a life-changing experience. The benefits are so deep and positive you will find yourself wishing you had not waited so long before going on one! Read some of the best reasons below why you must take a mini yoga vacation right now.


5. Reset your life.

It is incredibly refreshing to participate in a yoga weekend especially after five days of doing the same thing every day: wake-up, commute, work, eat, sleep, repeat. It is easy to see everything in gray with this kind of routine!

In a retreat, there are plenty of new and engaging activities for you to do. Also, you get to travel, stay in a wonderful accommodation, relax, breathe, be surrounded by nature, and enjoy a 100% nourishing atmosphere. These elements combined will de-stress and freshen you up. There is no better way to restore your happiness, energy, and vitality.


4. Improve your practice.

An hour of daily yoga sure teaches you a lot but a yoga weekend retreat with multiple sessions in a day takes you to the next level. Ultimately, you achieve more in terms of flexibility, strength, and body awareness. You will learn many new things, not only asanas, but philosophy, anatomy, and alignment, too. At the same time, the meditation sessions prove truly special. You will actually get to meditate and experience something extraordinary.




3. Meet new friends.

Don’t worry about not knowing anyone there! In fact, welcome it. This creates an excellent opportunity for you to truly connect with another person and make friends for life. Yoga unites and a common passion that runs deep is the best recipe for a wonderful and sincere friendship.




2. Detox.

Organic, healthy, and vegetarian food is synonymous with a yoga weekend retreat. Think muesli bowls, green juices, fruit smoothies, zesty pesto, warm pita and hummus – the list of delicious treats goes on and on!

But more than cleansing the body, practicing yoga, meditation, and personal growth workshops cleanse the soul. By connecting with your true self, you are able to foster awareness and let go of all that is unnecessary. What remains are the most important things that add value and meaning to your life.




1. Grow as a person.

High-quality personal development workshops are included in the best yoga weekend retreats. These workshops allow you to go deeper inside and experience an unbelievable journey of self-discovery and self-improvement.

More than anything, a yoga retreat gives you the space you need to look within and become conscious of everything that stops you from growing. It develops your consciousness and through this, you unravel your best self and become all that you can be. This is a most powerful thing that changes the direction of your life for the better!

If you are ready for your first yoga weekend retreat, join the Thriving Life Experience from Flow Retreats and Pangea happening on November 24-25, 2018 at Green Canyon Eco and Art Resort in Clark, Pampanga.


You may visit www.flowretreats.com for details and registration. Now is the time to transform your life. You totally deserve it!


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