Love the Feel of Home-Cooked Meals? Sarsa Serves Them With A Delicious Twist!

Article and photos by Denise Nicole Uy

The food scene in the Metro has so many choices grabbing our attention, it can be a bit overwhelming. Sometimes, all we want are food that we can eat again and again and never get sick of it. Sarsa offers exactly that! 

Filipino food is always delicious, but it takes something special to convince us to turn away from our Lola’s sinigang. Even your Lola would adore Sarsa’s approach to food, taking inspiration and elevating the entire experience of eating to a whole other level. 

With a contemporary approach to food, Chef JP Anglo isn’t afraid to mix things up in the pursuit of flavor. Just look at what he did to the batchoy! As a lover of ramen, I couldn’t help but be intrigued by his batchoy ramen noodle soups! There’s just something about eating a big bowl of noodle soup that feels like getting a big warm hug.

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Regular batchoy – Php210 / Special batchoys – Php285

With prices like these and bowls as huge as they are, it’ll be hard to resist ordering all three in one go. (You totally should.)

The seafood-gata batchoy is definitely a winner, while the spicy batchoy is a must for fans of spicy food! Everybody loves batchoy, but who knew it could ever taste like this? I would never think of gata-infused batchoy! The batchoy-ramen is something you eat when you just want to take a pause and savor your meal. And with bowls that look as pretty as these, your eyes will thank you, too!

But Sarsa isn’t just about delicious bowls of noodle-y goodness; they also have the best cripsy isaw I’ve ever tried!

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Isaw – Php185

A streetfood staple, I’ve grown used to the soft chewy isaw of my younger years. Here, they are grilled to crispy perfection. The texture is such an interesting change and the flavor just pops!

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Atay with tsokolate – Php185

The atay with tsokolate is something you can’t leave without trying! For such a weird combination, it is certainly hearty and it pairs well with rice. This is a dish you can brag to your friends for trying. How can you not? The chocolate sauce is divine!

What is perhaps the most quintessential Filipino dessert is served simply but the flavor is just stunning.

Sarsa3 2 e1527263611417

Halo-halo – Php145

I’m not a fan of beans in my halo-halo, I like it simple and impactful. Sarsa’s Halo-Halo is just that, with the ice so light and fluffy you’d think you were eating snow!

Sarsa isn’t your typical restaurant. This place serves you food that take you back to your childhood but revamping it with fabulous additions and mixtures that are sure to make you look at Filipino cuisine in a different light!


Forum South Global, 7th Ave. cor 25th st., BGC, Taguig

866 0912 / 0917 526 0756



Instagram: @SarsaKitchen