Adventurous Foodies Need to Try Atay with Tsokolate!

Article by Gabriella Mercado/@gabiimercado / Photos by Eunick Nobe

Atay? with Tsokolate? Who would ever think of such a weird combination? Chef JP Anglo was crazy enough to, and you better believe when I say it’s crazy good.

If you’re an adventurous foodie or are just scouting for something new to try, you’d better head to the nearest Sarsà branch, which just released 11 new dishes for you to try! Filipino dishes are to die for, and honestly, they’re my go-to meals when I feel hungry and am not sure what to eat. Filipino dishes never fail!

You know what’s even better, though? Trying out those 11 classic Filipino dishes in the different ways that Sarsà cooks them.

Spicy Chicken Isaw, Pork Isaw, Beef Isaw

We all know how to get a taste of classic street food: on busy streets, shielding your face from the hot sun, and getting the smell of smoke on your clothes. Since Sarsà now offers delicious classic isaw, though, you can enjoy them whenever you’re in the mall – without the hassle of the heat and the smoke.

Kansi Rice Noodles

What’s the perfect dish for the rainy season? Chef JP’s Kansi Rice Noodles. Kansi is originally a soup that is usually paired with bulalo. Chef JP recreates this classic soup with rice noodles – the perfect way to fill you up.

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Atay with Tsokolate Sauce

I know a lot of people who hate atay; but after they tried this unqiue dish, they said that this would probably be the only atay dish that they would eat. Chef JP expressed that many do not enjoy eating atay because it’s usually overcooked and turns powdery when eaten. However, when cooked properly, it gets a rich, soft, almost foie gras-like texture. It matches perfectly with tsokolate sauce. The most decadent experience you’ll get from atay!

Sinigang Fried Chicken

I never had sinigang fried chicken before, and I was surprised once I tasted it. The first bite hit me with the crunchiness of the fried chicken; and then, when I got to the meat, my teeth sank right in from the tenderness of it all. Have you ever had fried chicken that’s tender and sour in the inside? No? Well then, it’s time to try this.

Spicy Inasal Pa-a and Gata Inasal Pa-a

The classic inasal. Adored by all Filipinos nation-wide. Chef JP says that when you want to innovate, it still has to taste Filipino – and that’s exactly whats going on here. It’s still your inasal pa-a – just levelled up with a hint of coconut sauce. It’s a whole new level of chicken inasal pa-a worth trying.

Coconut Grilled Liempo

Another Filipino favorite: grilled liempo – but this time, with a touch of coconut flavor. This is one of Chef JP’s personal favorites. In one of his stories, he shares that this dish was inspired from a woman he met in Mindanao.

Crispy Fish Fillet

I never thought that fish fillet would go well with peanut sauce. The dish tasted more like Thai cuisine than Filipino, but the flavors compliment each other well.

Sizzling Monggo

And of course, monggo. Cooked the way Chef JP knows it best. He adds in lechon kawali and kangkong leaves for an overall great monggo experience.

Classic Filipino food is always a feel-good experience that fills up both the heart and the stomach. With Chef JP Anglo’s ‘Reinventing Filipino Street Food and Other Sarsá Classics’, you will get a taste of how Chef JP takes on Filipino dishes and cooks his way to a new take on each dish. Excited to try these classic Filipino dishes with a twist? Head to a branch near you!

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