LOVE LOCAL: BABYCUDDLE BED (a Baby Gear Inspiration from Europe)


Mommies like me appreciate all the help we can get – physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and even materially. Baby gears are life savers – carriers, rockers, bathing stuff and even pillow beds. Yes, pillow beds like Babycuddle make a difference in day-to-day mommy and baby activities.

“Babycuddle bed is a comfortable, safe and practical bed for the baby during the first year, that has been tested and approved by infant experts in Scandinavia, where they originally come from. The idea is to replicate your baby’s experience of closed environment and making your baby’s transition from the mother’s womb to the new world smoother.”

Babycuddle baby bed is an all-in-one baby lounger. Below are 5 benefits of having one of this.


Baby Primo enjoying his Babycuddle bed (photo by Iya Villania)

5. Perfect for bed-sharing or co-sleeping.

Babycuddleph baby bed is a safe sleeping place for your baby, which can be used in bed between the parents to avoid suffocation. Moreover, when the baby grows bigger, this can be used as sides for the bed (just remove the cord and it’s ready).


4. Lounging, cuddling/bonding and playing.

Babies can play and lounge without the restrictions of buckles and also allows parents to safely cuddle with their babies.

Oh and it is double-sided, too! You may choose from two designs which side you want to put your baby.


3. Perfect for tummy time.

Tummy time is an important exercise for babies. This aids in the development of their neck strength that they need. The rounded bumper of Babycuddle bed helps prop up baby when placed under their arms while baby enjoys tummy time.


2. Changing station

It is washable and the sides make it hard for babies to roll-over or get away from you easily. Diaper changing or simply putting clothes on your baby is easier on Babycuddle bed.


1. It is portable.

This can be your travel companion. Whether you’re going on a trip or just want to move around the house, it is lightweight and easy to bring with as a safe resting nook for baby. Also, you wouldn’t want baby to sleep on questionable hotel bedding, right?

Get yours or give one now!


Beybicuddle baby bed

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