Love in the time of COVID-19: How big boys say ‘I love you’

Big boys are neither obvious nor vocal when it comes to our feelings. Oftentimes, we find it difficult to articulate emotions. This can be a tough challenge especially during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic because everyone seems to be in an LDR and most think that the only way one can “show” love is to “use words.”

Unfortunately, big boys find it hard to just say those three little words, but that doesn’t mean none of them are falling love right now. Some do, but it may be a little tougher to spot since we don’t want to simply blurt out those words because it can make us seem a little less macho.

So, how do we do it? Here are some subtle hints that that dude loves you without ever hearing those three words. (If it were me, I’d likely do it this way.)

This is probably the easiest way to do it, but hey, that’s not how we roll…

Never makes you wait

I could be in an intense Zoom meeting at work because there is a crisis that must be handled and you can still expect me to reply to your messages as quickly as I can.

While I try to be on top of things in my job virtually, I definitely will never make you feel neglected. Even if your text may not require immediate attention, you’ll surely get it.

Still, I will probably do it in a macho and detached way, trying so hard not to appear clingy (but extremely failing.)

It may not matter to you how fast you get my response but it surely matters to me that I don’t torment you by waiting for an answer.

Low-key brags to friends

Despite the lack of physical hangouts with friends, I stay connected with them through chat. I have tons of group chats with different sets of friends, and if there is a nascent feeling for you, I will most likely low-key mention you and your passions to them.

Whenever there is an opening to mention you, I most likely will. Despite trying to muster all my manly strength to keep myself from mentioning your name or what you do, I will fail in the most fashionable way.

Well, this is probably a good way for my friends to warm up to you because who knows, this may turn to something more post-lockdown. If not, it’s a pity, but life goes on.

Makes plans with you

Although I don’t know if the outside will ever be legal again, I will make plans of being physically present in the same room with you, at the very least breathing the same air. Seeing you again may not involve any grand show of affection but it will definitely be a grand thing to look forward to.

Plans may not be concrete yet due to the uncertainty of times but you’d feel that you’re part of a future no matter how unsure that may be.

Digitally flirts

Digital flirting can be just as telling as the IRL version. If you’re always on my mind, I’d definitely make it known by being present in your digital universe.

I would try my best to make myself scarce but I’m not an expert in doing that, and that sounds like a lot of work so why should I?

With the smorgasbord of content posted online, it is tough to see everything. So, I would take that extra step of having to go to your timeline just to check out anything new happening to you. I buy ink by the barrel so you can be sure I would drop clever comments on your posts. Well, they are clever, at least for me. Simply reacting might not be enough.

Oh, and puns!

Smiles ear to ear whenever I see you

Sure, it’s easy to have a little sweet smile when you see people again who you haven’t seen for a long time even just on the screen of your computer. However, when it comes to seeing you, that sweet smile transforms into a grin and it’s really noticeable. I’ve experienced being called out for smiling “that way” as if I were a criminal breaking some rules.

It may seem foolish, but it is a telltale sign that I enjoy your company even if that means just doing uneventful work things together.

Always got your back

I was raised to be a good man in a storm. I was taught to love my family and to take care of the people that I love. If I love you, I will protect you even if you don’t need it. I know you’re not fragile but you can be sure that I always got you.

Whether there’s a struggle or not, I’ll always be there. Although fixing it isn’t something I can do, I will make sure that you’re never alone while you try to win whatever fight you’re in.

Also, I’m going to be your always and forever hype boy.

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