“Lost in the Stars” Movie Review (No Spoilers): A Subversion of Love, Money, and Plot Twist Clichés

Since you’ve chosen to read the non-spoiler “Lost in the Stars” movie review, it’s also important to steer clear of the real-life events that served as the movie’s foundation. So, to answer the question “Is the movie ‘Lost in the Stars’ based on real life?” – it is. The intensity of this grim true story is what makes it so unpredictable.

lost in the stars movie review

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We only watched this film because it was one of the top movies on Netflix. However, trending movies are not always equal to great movies or movies that are suited to each and everyone’s liking. Depending on our mood, we tend to set aside non-English movies as it would require 100% of our attention (subtitles, lol). But, well, it’s the last day of vacation from a series of Holidays – so we had the time for it. With our very short attention spans though, it quickly reeled us in with a sudden turn of events very early on. “WTF is happening?” I screamed at the TV.

There are two types of mystery movie viewers: those who always try to solve it and those who just enjoy the ride. I love this genre, and I can’t stand it when it’s too obvious. Needless to say, I’m a solver…but if I can’t solve the mystery halfway through, I go along with the ride—and that’s how I know I’m enjoying it! I also start praying it doesn’t end up being a bust. While watching “Lost in the Stars,” I was thoroughly perplexed.

Films, and stories in general, often follow a specific format, especially in the mystery genre. The challenge is to conceal a crucial fact that has been present all along while still delivering a mind-blowing experience for the audience. When you grasp this format and have encountered numerous works within the same classification, it becomes as clear as day. Therefore, to prevent clichés and predictability, the success of a movie like this hinges on the quality of the screenplay and the actors.

A well-written screenplay is only as good as its on-point script-to-screen execution. Solvers are particularly keen on spotting subtle actions, emotions, and transitions. Even a minor error in either aspect can easily translate into a loophole, which is a big no-no. From my perspective, the cast members of “Lost in the Stars” delivered an outstanding performance, bringing their characters to life just as they were written in the airtight script. Maybe even better? This, I can’t say for sure.

Drama and Romance lovers will also enjoy watching this trending Chinese movie! Everything is filmed in cinematic gold: the romantic flashbacks, the intense reveals, and actually, even the action scenes (the car chase scene really hooked me). Not gonna lie, when the movie ended, I teared up for someone I never even knew! I credit the cinematography–the way they broke the plot twist of all plot twists in such a suspenseful yet artistic manner. I truly got lost in it (pun intended).

Oh, and the title truly captured the essence of the story! They gave the phrase double meaning – symbolically and somewhat literally, by incorporating a simple characteristic of one of the characters. I just love it when a story comes to full a circle!

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For those who haven’t seen it, “Lost in the Stars” is a 2022 Chinese film that was recently added on Netflix. Directed by Rui Cui and Liu Xiang, it stars Zhu Yilong, Janice Man, and Ni Ni. Its synopsis goes, “He Fei’s wife disappears during their anniversary trip. When she reappears, he insists that she isn’t his wife. A top lawyer gets involved in the bizarre case, and more mysteries start to emerge.” Curious? Watch the official trailer of “Lost in the Stars” below!

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