LOOK: You Can Get Customized Funko Pops from This Shop

The Funko Pop craze took over the world by storm, and probably took over the lives of your friends (or yours) just as easily. You’ve probably already seen pictures of walls covered with piles of Funko Pop boxes.

Whether you’re a Funko Pop fan or not, it’s not so hard to see the appeal of collecting and collecting these pop culture collectibles.

If you’re a huge Funko Pop collector, then you’ve probably thought about what it would feel like to have one that’s modeled after yourself. Or maybe you’re a fan of an obscure show and there’s no way you’d find a Funko Pop for it. This is the answer: customized Funko Pops.

EMC Handiworks is your local source for customized Funko Pops. Engracelyn V. Azur, the brilliant crafter of these pops, shares that she has always loved creating things with her hands since she was a child. She started with creating figurines as gifts for loved ones. Then, in 2020, Azur decided to mix it up and create a Funko-inspired figurine that she gave her fiance for his birthday.

Since then, people have asked her to create their versions of Funko Pops, too.

Azur shares with WhenInManila.com that the usual orders she gets are keychain Funko Pops and twin Funko Pop sets which include two figures in one box. She says that it’s a popular gift for customers’ loved ones.

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As you go through the EMC Handiworks Facebook page, you’ll get the chance to admire her great handiwork. The customized figures even include a Funko-inspired display box, making them look like legitimate Funko Pop items at first glance. The details of the figures are excellently crafted, too.

With the amount of time and effort poured into each customized Funko Pop, you can be sure that you’re getting high-quality products.

If you don’t want a Funko Pop version of yourself or a loved one, you can also get customized figures of your favorite celebrity, fictional character, and even pets.

The price range of their customized mini Funko Pops (or keychain Funkos) is from 850 to 1,250 pesos. If you want the full-sized custom Funko Pop, they start at 2,500 pesos. Of course, the final price would depend on the details and accessories you want on your customized figure.

Since the Ber months are officially here, take this as your sign to start preparing for gifts for your loved ones. If you plan on giving out customized Funko Pops from EMC Handiworks (which we highly recommend), best to start reserving a slot right now. They can get fully booked for at least a month in advance.

These customized Funko Pops are thoughtful gifts that are guaranteed to make people smile.

You can place your order through their Facebook and Instagram pages (@EMCHandiworks).

What do you think of these customized Funko Pops? Share your thoughts with us!

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