LOOK: What can we draw from this photo of commuting passengers?

As the -ber months draw nearer, the roads in the metro can become more and more unbearable to be in due to traffic. Anyone who takes the public road or public transportation can attest to how traffic can be absolutely tiring in Manila. Commuters can attest to such since waiting in long lines for a ride could be stressful in itself, as well as suffering from the heat or rains that come.

A classic example is this – a long queue for a train ride in Santolan. Just look at that crowd wanting to get to their destinations ASAP.

Another netizen was able to capture passengers of a UV Express sleeping, which appeared as if they were “praying”, as their heads are bowed.

Some interpreted it as a ‘prayer meeting’, while others pointed out the passengers’ fatigue caused by traffic, or demands of work. Some pointed out how the photo explains as a wake-up call for better public transportation considering the order and hassle many commuters face nowadays.


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Disclaimer: WheninManila.com does not own the image. Credits go to John Rundell Paredes.