LOOK: Visayas has a ‘No Standing Policy’ for buses…so passengers lie down instead

The LTFRB recently imposed a ‘No Standing Policy’ for public utility buses in Central Visayas. This was done to prevent overloading of buses as passengers standing in the middle aisle would no longer be allowed. But it doesn’t really solve the problem for commuters who are desperate to catch a ride. So, they went around that rule instead.

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A viral post from Facebook user Lyndon Placencia shows a bus going from Cebu to Bantayan Island with passengers who were forced to get creative. To ensure the bus would still be adhering to the LTFRB policy, they lay on the floor instead. According to reports from local news sites, the passengers chose to ride the bus in this fashion instead of waiting for the next one. It would be around three hours until another bus arrived.

The caption reads: “BAWAL ANG MAG BAROG SULOD SA BUS … DI MUHIGDA NALANG … Kagabie while niuli ko padulong sa amoa.” A rough translation of this to English would be: “Since it is not allowed to stand on the aisle of a fully loaded bus… we will just lie on the floor… This was taken while I was heading home on a bus.”

Cebu bus 1

Photo courtesy of Lyndon Placencia 


After seeing the photo, the LTFRB apparently conducted an investigation. Their stance on the matter was that no violation against the No Overloading Policy was committed.

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Source: TheSummitExpress