LOOK: UP Students Created Vitamin-C Rich Drinks to Help Fight COVID-19

Two Food Technology students of the University of the Philippines Diliman were thinking of ways on how to help frontliners battle COVID-19.

According to Meghan Sevilla and Sofia Tagle, they were inspired by the generosity and innovation of different people who are helping fight the pandemic hence the creation of ‘Lukal’.

Lukal is a ginger-calamansi concentrate that can easily be consumed when mixed with warm or cold water.

With the guidance of their professors in UP’s Department of Food Science and Nutrition, they created a product that is safe, nutritious and can help boost the immune system of whoever will be drinking it.


The aim is to send the drinks to frontliners to help their immune system fight viruses that will come their way.

They were able to make 40 bottles of the concentrate that can make around 466 glasses of Vitamin-C rich drinks. It was distributed to PGH and Lung Centr of the Philippines which are the two hospitals that have a number of COVID-19 positive cases.

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Lukal creators Meghan Sevilla and Sofia Tagle

According to them, Calamansi is a great source of Vitamin-C while Ginger can help reduce muscle pain and helps in soreness.


Each bottle is made with love as it is manually made by squeezing each Calamansi that they use. It takes around 9 hours to produce 50 bottles of their products.

They also launched a ‘Buy 1, Give 1’ promo where each purchase will provide 1 bottle to a frontliner.