LOOK: Unique Dishes like SPAM Brulee and Maki were served at this Event

Words by JP Sium and Sky Gavin

Photos by Sky Gavin, JP Sium, Desa Tayting and SPAM Brand Philippines

SPAM is an iconic brand that everybody can recognize—tried and tested. Its familiar taste brings a surge of nostalgia for effortless and enjoyable meals at home. Though Filipino’s are used to enjoying SPAM just fried with a side of egg, it can be very versatile and cooked in many other ways. People from all walks of life—kids, parents, chefs, professionals, and more—enjoy this highly-versatile quality meat regardless of how it’s served.

Now, SPAM is bringing this kitchen staple in the white sands of Boracay for its first installment of the SPAM® FlavorFest, Boracay Edition. The team behind this revolutionary product partnered up with several establishments to create dishes that would bring out the flavor of SPAM while capturing the true essence of the island.

PHOTO: During the public tasting and voting at the SPAM FlavorFest, Boracay Edition.

Boracay is the perfect pioneer site to kick-off the festivities. With the inauguration of this newly-renovated modern tropical paradise, people can bask in the pristine sands and azure waters while relishing in its unlimited choices of specialty local restaurants and urban entertainments.

With all that under their radar, SPAM is making your food adventure at Boracay more exciting through these limited, original menu items and partner restaurants and hotels.

Pan Grilled Ono SPAM Classic Saffron

Al Fresco Restaurant

Making SPAM the champion of this elegant dish, Al Fresco Restaurant came up with the Pan Grilled Ono SPAM Classic Saffron. According to Chef Jun Alboro the mixture of the classic SPAM with fresh tuna gives the dish a taste of the island.

SPAM Brulee

Aloha Boracay Hotel

Taking on a classic dessert recipe, Chef Chryso Morales of Aloha Hotel Boracay presented a new way to enjoy SPAM The dish, though peculiar as it may sound, perfectly blends the saltiness and sweetness to tickle anyone’s taste buds. The actual Brulee at the bottom is mixed with bits of SPAM while it is topped with a caramelized slice of the meaty goodness.

SPAM Lite Pasta

Calypso Beach & Dive Resort

Pasta never tasted this good! With celebrations here and there, this SPAM pasta dish was surely a hit during the event. The Filipino sweet spaghetti taste is a perfect base for the SPAM lite. Chef Jayson Colindon blends all the flavors perfect for the whole family to enjoy.

Deep-Fried SPAM Classic in Sweet Hawaiian Sauce

Diamond Samgyeopsal

Whether you enjoy SPAM with rice, bread or by itself, this Deep Fried SPAM Classic in Sweet Hawaiian Sauce by Chef Wilhelm Ondillo will surely be a favorite. The SPAM perfectly compliments the Hawaiian sauce and it’s perfect with a cup of rice!

Baked SPAM Luncheon Meat in Sweet Fruity Glaze

Mad Monkey Hostel Boracay

Chef Claud Abello of Mad Monkey is presenting the SPAM baked unlike the typical fried way of cooking. It gives SPAM  a nice crust while keeping the insides tender & juicy. The baked SPAM is served with rice, just the way we like it!

SPAM  Turnovers with Raisin & Tomato Puree

Nalka by The Muse Hotel

One of the crowd favorites, the SPAM turnovers by Chef Gerald Mangente is something that you’d like to munch on all day. During the event, everyone was raving and asking for more and the dish did not disappoint. Aside from being deliciously made with SPAM, the turnovers are very filling and something that you would easily munch on while walking around the beautiful sands of Boracay.

Crazy Coco SPAM Maki

Red Coconut Beach Hotel

Taking on Japanese fusion, Red Coconut’s Chef Maui Lalongisip prepared a SPAM Maki which many locals and tourists loved at the event. This SPAM dish is rectangular in shape because the can was used to make sure that the pieces hold its form.

Roasted SPAM  Turkey Eggs Benedict

Sheridan Villas

If you love breakfast, then you are in for a treat as Chef Phan Baliguat of Sheridan Villas made this classic breakfast plate with the beloved SPAM. Aside from being the best meal of the day, the Eggs Benedict is totally insta-worthy.

SPAM  Bao & Risotto Ball

Snack Shack

Small but incredible, that’s how we will describe Chef Delfin Penpena’s Spam Bao and Rissotto Ball. With two items in one dish, these two are a perfect combination for a quick grub. Both items have SPAM in them so you would miss that incredible taste.


SPAM Brick Oven Pizza Overload

The Ruf Resto Bar at Ferra Hotel

Last but definitely not the least is Chef Jhun Nadala’s SPAM Brick Oven Pizza Overload. This dish is something that everyone would love to try over and over again.

What’s great about these dishes is that the chefs made the recipe as relatable as possible for everyone. Which means, with a bit of work in the kitchen, you can actually make these SPAM-azing meals at home! But, of course, you can taste them firsthand made by the creator themselves at the partner restaurants, where the true masterpiece lies. The special Spammenu will run from July 17, 2019, to December 31, 2019, only.

This is just the first installment of the SPAM Flavor Fest, so be sure to watch out where the next one will happen!

What are you waiting for? Fly to Boracay and experience a SPAM-azing food crawl for your next beach trip!



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