LOOK: Travelers are Leaving Behind Their Old Books and Starting a Craze

Travelers are Leaving Behind their Books and Starting a Craze

Do you travel a lot? Do you like reading? If yes to both, you might wish to check out this newest craze among travelers. An online global book club called The Traveling Book is encouraging travelers to leave behind the book they had just read for someone else to enjoy.

According to Audrey Esteban and Meysa Yulia, the book club founders, the group hopes to encourage more people to read.

“We noticed that a lot of people post their books and their travel reading. We thought it will be nice to have a global network of book lovers and travel bugs to share insights on the books they’ve read and inspire many others to read. We also would like to share books with others so watch out for books marked as The Traveling Book. You might just catch a book left lying somewhere in your neighborhood or favorite cafe.”


Maan Samson, one of the administrators, adds that “the idea is to post book reviews with photos of the book you brought with you in your travel. The intention is to do something like the book fairy–leaving books behind for others to read and appreciate.”

But the catch is if you leave the book behind, you have to put a note instructing the reader to take a photo of the book, post it on The Traveling Book Facebook Page, and mention where he or she found the book.


“It doesn’t hurt to leave a review as well.”

Audrey, Meysa, Maan are professionals and avid travelers and readers. You can join them at The Traveling Page community through this link.

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