LOOK: This user cooks rice under Manila’s scorching heat!

If cooking an egg is possible under Manila‘s hot sun, then it doesn’t help to try other food, I suppose! Curiosity bit the cat for Nat Ermino, who experimented whether or not it was possible to cook rice, one of the staple food of a Filipino meal, under the excruciating heat of Manila’s summer. She chronicled the results in her Twitter account through photos and short captions.

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The first tweet is captioned, “Kaya ba talaga magsaing using sunlight??? WE WILL SEE” (Rough translation: Can rice be cooked using sunlight??? WE WILL SEE)

The posts also reveal that Nat moved her concoction to a different area that had more sunlight exposure as well as the final verdict of her “experiment”.

WHEN IN MANILA has reached out to Nat for further details.

I did it for two straight days, it’s partially cooked lang (only). Like one side was luto (cooked), the other was half cooked.”

Nat then tweeted a new series of photos the following day; a continuation of her “experiment”.

Screen Shot 2017 04 15 at 12.45.37 AM e1492188724112 Screen Shot 2017 04 15 at 12.45.48 AM e1492188737120

She captions, “kaya ba talaga magsaing using the sunlight??? (Can you really cook rice under the sunlight???) PART TWO!!!!” Her pan of uncooked rice lays on the concrete, basking under the sun.

The photo set finally concludes a photo of the rice partially cooked.

She captions:


It is partially cooked and I AM SHOOKT???!?!????!?

Nat shares her final verdict after two days of determining whether or not rice can be cooked using Manila’s harsh sunlight.

“Cooked siya actually but since some parts of it hindi naarawan evenly, [so] it didn’t cook evenly rin.” (Rought translation: It’s actually cooked, but some parts of it didn’t have enough sunlight; so it wasn’t cooked ‘evenly’ as well.)

She also finds it hilarious how her dad supports her experiment and even offered to move it to a place with better light.

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