LOOK: This boy cooks an egg under Manila’s scorching heat

On a scale of sweating bucketloads and cooking a fried egg under the sun, how hot is it in Manila?

A Twitter user (who prefers to be anonymous) took it to his Twitter account to measure the intense heat of Manila by yes, you guessed it, cooking a fried egg under the blazing sun.

He captions:

ganito ka init sa pinas” (It’s this hot in the Philippines) with follow up tweets “ganito po ka init sa Pilipinas mga kabayan” (It’s this hot in the Philippines, my fellow countrymen) and “MasterChef plans: tambay bahay edition (Masterchef plans: staying at home edition)”

WHEN IN MANILA has reached out to the user for further details.

“It was just an idea that popped out because it was just really hot and I kept thinking that I was being cooked alive and that’s when I came with an idea to try and see if I could actually cook an egg under the sun.”

With Manila’s intense heat, who couldn’t argue with that? Make sure to stay hydrated this summer, everyone!

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