LOOK: This Unique Clock Looks Like It’s Melting

With smartphones being a necessary part of our daily lives, some people can go by without having actual clocks in their rooms or homes. It’s pretty understandable since we do have clocks that are accessible anytime through our phones.

But, if you do want to have a nice clock at home, why not go for something that’s more unique than the usual circular wall clocks?

This unique clock from Shopee actually looks like it’s melting! It’s so uniquely designed that you can “hang” this clock on top of a shelf or a closet and it looks like it’s just about to fall off.

melting clock

Photo from Shopee

You don’t have to worry about the clock slipping off your shelf, too. It includes an adhesive that will keep it in place.

If you love a bit of art in your space, then this clock is perfect because it looks like the real-life version of a Salvador Dali painting.

For an extra joke, you can even say that your clock melted because of the extreme Philippine heat.

This “melting” clock is definitely a must-have if you’re into unique home decor pieces!

Buy this unique “melting” clock here!

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