LOOK: This Tea Salon serves Drinks in Cute and Instagrammable Flamingo Floaties

Words by Meldrick Tin

Photos by Heather Co

If you like your fruit teas and milk teas less sweet and not as sugary, you’ll be thrilled to know that Flamingo Bloom, a popular tea salon originating from Hong Kong, has now landed in Manila! Not only do their drinks have that distinctive tea flavor, but they also come in pink flamingo floaties (for an additional Php 50.00 with the drink). Plus, every corner in the tea salon is aesthetic—perfect for your Instagram feed!

Flamingo Bloom’s cute and Instagram-worthy interiors!

Flamingo Bloom’s branch in SM North EDSA The Block together with Kelvin Gu.

One of the people behind Flamingo Bloom’s first ever Manila branch, Kelvin Gu, says that unlike other milk tea and fruit tea brands here in the Philippines, Flamingo Bloom prides itself in coming up with unique and uncommon tea concoctions. All of their drinks are made with guaranteed fresh and natural ingredients, packed with antioxidants, and has that distinctive tea taste. Check out their wide selection of drinks and food options below!

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For their fruit tea line, you can opt to go for the fruits par.TEA fruit tea (Php 145.00) which can come in different types of tea—including jasmine tips green, highland oolong, or chrysanthemum yunnan black—and has a variety of fruits in it like apple, lemon, lime, orange, and watermelon. Or you could also go for the L.O.L fruit tea (Php 145.00) which actually stands for lemon, orange, lime, and comes in the jasmine tips green only. Whichever fruit tea you choose, though, you’ll be sure to get that natural tea flavor alongside the tanginess from the fresh fruits of the drink.

From Left to Right: Smashed honey peaches with jasmine tips green, Fruits par.TEA fruit tea, L.O.L fruit tea 

For the smashed fruits line, the smashed honey peaches with jasmine tips green (Php 145.00) is a personal favorite! The peach flavor just perfectly balances the tea flavor, not one element of the drink overpowers the flavor of the other. Also, we highly recommend adding aloe vera (add Php 20.00) to give your drink extra pulpy goodness!

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If you’re a milk tea addict, make sure to try out Flamingo Bloom’s unique milk tea flavors including the pink rose oolong latte (Php 130.00) which comes in this Instagrammable pinkish hue, or fancy yourself with an avocado jasmine latte (Php 155.00). Unlike your usual overly milky milk teas, both of these drinks aren’t even sweet at all and have a heavier tea flavor. These new flavors are a nice change for those who want to try another twist to the traditional milk tea. You can also choose to add the golden boba (add Php 20.00) if you prefer your milk tea with pearls.

From Left to Right: Pink rose oolong latte, Avocado jasmine latte

Also make sure to try out the matcha latte with smashed strawberries (Php 175.00), which is a sweet treat perfect for matcha lovers. Or go have a taste of the O.M.G. oolong latte (Php 140.00), which stands for “oreo milkcap goodness”—and believe me when they say that they take goodness to the next level. Flamingo Bloom’s “milkcap” is their version of salted cream cheese, which gives the drink an extra creaminess and foaminess to it.

Flamingo Bloom’s Matcha latte with smashed strawberries

Flamingo Bloom’s O.M.G. oolong latte (look at that milkcap!)

If you’re down to munch on some grilled sandwiches, too, Flamingo Bloom also offers delectable and mouth-watering tuna-melt (Php 99.00), avocado-melt (Php 119.00), corned beef (Php 99.00), and double cheese (Php 89.00) grilled toasties, the perfect snack to fill up your appetite. Get a Php 20.00 discount if you get these snacks with a drink!

Enjoy your favorite drinks with grilled toasties!

Thirsty and hungry for all the different drinks and snacks of Flamingo Bloom? Wait, it doesn’t end there! You can also get adorable Flamingo Bloom merchandise in-store now. Souvenirs include the flamingo floatie (Php 60.00), tote bag (Php 850.00), flip-flops (Php 350.00), and the stainless steel straw set (Php 280.00).

The cute souvenirs you can buy from Flamingo Bloom!

Hurry, because for the whole month of July only, you get a 50% off discount on your second drink when you purchase from 10am to 3pm. You also get to enjoy your favorite drinks from Flamingo Bloom AND help save the environment at the same time because you get Php 10.00 off every time you reuse your Flamingo Bloom cup! You can also have your drinks and snacks delivered through foodpanda.

Flamingo Bloom

Location: SM North EDSA The Block, 4th Floor

Facebook: Flamingo Bloom Philippines

Instagram: @flamingobloomph

Contact Number: +63 923 082 5333

Float right over to The Block and grab your favorite Flamingo Bloom drink today! Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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