LOOK: This Student ‘Rides’ A Train To Legarda But Ends Up In Busan!

If you’re one of the students who’s already neck-deep in deadlines and requirements, you’d probably understand when I say that we find every way possible to enjoy any free time we have.

Be it a five-hour vacant or long weekends, students definitely know how to make the most out of free time.

It’s been evident with a meme that’s been trending on Facebook with students going around the world in their uniforms. Students have been challenging each other on where they could end up on their ‘vacant time’.

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Niña Yturralde puts her own twist on this trend with a series of photos she posted on Facebook.

In the post, Niña claims that she was supposed to go to Legarda but ends up in Busan, Korea instead!

Check out her photos below:

legarda-busanPhoto by Nina Yturralde

Nag renovate ba???

legarda-busan 2Photo by Nina Yturralde

Gulat me ganda ng tren

legarda-busan 3Photo by Nina Yturralde

Di naman to pinoy???

legarda-busan 4Photo by Nina Yturralde

Ay sh*t di naman to Legarda.

legarda-busan 5Photo by Nina Yturralde

Niña shares with WhenInManila.com that she saw the trend online and wanted to take part in it. So, she brought her uniform to Korea.

The engineering student from UST said that the experience was quite awkward since she had to bring her uniform to the places they went. Plus, it was cold!

But hey, at least it made people happy! Real life train to Busan, amirite?!

What do you think of this trend? Where will your vacant time bring you? Share it with us!

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