LOOK: This rider was forced to wait an hour for a customer to receive a package

We have a tendency to be quick with our anger when it comes to delivery men, whether they’re from courier services, food deliveries, or whatever else. Long waiting times and failed pick-ups always irritate us so easily — which can be fair, in some situations. But we rarely look at the other side of the coin. There are also quite a number of riders making deliveries who suffer on our behalf.

One example is this rider that Facebook user Bea Aspiras came across. She noticed him waiting outside a house for close to an hour but he never wavered at his task. He even politely smiled at the customer when they finally retrieved the package. She shares on her post:

Ngayon lang ako mag popost ng ganito, and this is for every person using online shopping.

Nakita ko si Manong rider sa labas ng ganito almost 1hr din syang nag hintay dun sa customer. Honestly, nakakaawa talaga sila makitang ganito lalo na’t pag nakita mo yung itsura nila na halatang pagod na. Nung lumabas yung customer, binati sya ni Manong nang nakangiti. And he’s old na guys but still manage to do his job. Kudos to you Manong.

Kaya guys, di nila deserve saktan at murahin. They’re patiently waiting for us to get our order/s, yung ibang customers lang talaga walang patience minsan… di po natin alam kung ano lagay nila sa kalsada, respeto nalang po sa trabaho nila…

[This is the first time I’m posting something like this, and this goes for everyone who uses online shopping.

I saw manong rider outside this house for close to an hour just waiting for a customer. Honestly, you have to feel sorry when you see someone like this, especially when it’s obvious that they’re already tired. When the customer went out of the house, manong even greeted her with a smile. And he’s old already guys, but he still manages to do his job. Kudos to you Manong.

That’s why guys, they don’t deserve being shouted and cursed at. They’re patiently waiting for us to get our order/s, some other customers really have no patience sometimes… We don’t know what their conditions are, let’s just respect the work they do…]



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Hopefully, this can serve as a reminder to be good to everyone we encounter and to take a moment before judging too harshly. Especially people who are paid to interact with us. Just because they’re working in the service industry, or because we’re giving them money to do a task, doesn’t mean we can demean them and be rude to them.

What do you think courier services should do so their riders aren’t treated like this?