LOOK: This Organization Makes Manila a Little Happier by Spreading Love in the Streets

Words by Gianna Sibal

Manila Street Love has been an advocate for communicating love throughout the streets of Manila since October 2015. They go to the streets, to temporary shelters, and detention centers to reach the neglected and underprivileged Filipinos. This mobile charity and love campaign distributes basic commodities off their van at each stop, brings music to them and engages them in conversation, all the while staying true to their ambition to “make uplifting every kind of Filipino an individual and corporate duty”.

This June, Manila Street Love’s first stop for their segment called Street Stops was at Mabini Street in Raja Sulayman, Malate—where families and kids make a home out of the park. MSL’s van provided them with Manila Empanadas, KKK Soya Milk, Street Love sandals, new blankets, clothes and other snacks.



Various other Street Stops were made along the Ermita and Paco area, where the volunteers sat down and talked to families and senior citizens who slept on the ground. Some lolos and lolas even shared that their newspaper stands were confiscated, and so they had to resort to selling candies on the ground instead.



MSL’s second segment, Shelter Stops, was in Bahay Aruga, a temporary shelter for kids with cancer. Bahay Aruga has been a constant visit for MSL since 2015; and the campaign provided the shelter with a refrigerator for medicine, Pediasure Milk, and healthy meals. Bahay Aruga’s founder, Ms. Marietta Bonilla, requested MSL to bring toys as gifts to the children as well.


MSL’s third segment, Shower Power or Libre Paligo, gave street kids an hour of a free and fun shower using a firetruck complete with hygiene kits. The campaign was able to accomplish such through the help of MSL’s friends from Rotary Club of Cubao, Civil Defense Action Group, Inc. and in coordination with Manila Coun. Joey Hizon.



Manila Street Love’s ninth project was able to communicate and bring the action love to Filipinos, one street at a time. Send love with and to Manila Street Love and join the movement.

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All photos provided by Teardrop and Jeffrey Naceno.

Manila Street Love

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ManilaStreetLove/
E-mail: manilastreetlove@gmail.com

+ 63 (956) 154-2578