LOOK: This Online Store is a One-Stop-Shop for Your Film Photography Needs

Ever wanted to try film photography but don’t know where to start? Then check out this online shop!

the.Classic_Boutique is an online store that has everything you need to start with film photography. The owner, Felino Sanchez, started exploring film photography in 2019. He said, “I thought of trying film photography because I liked the idea of documenting my life as a story through tangible pictures, capturing memories that I can hold dearly.”

With this, he accumulated different types of film cameras to try out and started sharing them on his Instagram story. Not long after, a couple of friends wanted to borrow his film cameras (Canon Autoboy 3 and Olympus Mju II Zoom) so they could try it out.

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Sadly, his friends weren’t able to use the cameras because they couldn’t find a roll. It was from then he had the idea to start the.Classic_Boutique. According to Felino, he realized that the most difficult thing about starting out in film photography is getting your equipment and supplies. Shops with the most competitive prices tend to run out of stock so quickly.

the.Classic_Boutique caters to people who want to start their film photography journey without the hassle of going through different shops and sellers to start film photography. Unlike other Instagram Shops (to date) the.Classic_Boutique is the only shop that offers a fresh C200 Film roll, fresh battery, and free shipping with every purchase of a film camera from their shop.

If you’re purchasing from the.Classic_Boutique, you’re surely getting the best quality products. “Given that new, quality film cameras are almost no longer in production, the film cameras in the market are pre-loved or secondhand,” Felino said. “We make sure to be transparent to our customers given these conditions.”

the.Classic_Boutique loves to talk to and engage with their followers. Through conversing with their followers, they can hare tips and experiences which can help everyone grow together in film photography.


Carousell – the.classic_boutique
Shopee – the.classic_boutique

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