13 Filipino Travel Photographers Who Will Inspire You to Explore

Whether you are an aspiring photographer or you just want the travel photos in your feed to keep you inspired, these are the people you should be following. We talked to some of the best travel photographers on Instagram, asked them about their craft, and even tips for aspiring photographers out there.

Here are 13 Filipino travel photographers who will inspire you to explore!

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13. Enif “Nif” Ruedas, Manila

Instagram: @nifruedas

Nif is a Creative Technologist and UX Engineer in the advertising field but, most importantly, he describes himself as a dream-chaser by night. He first dabbled into travel photography in college, he explained, but it wasn’t until 2017 that he fully dove in when he was traveling to Japan for his first solo trip. “It was the perfect opportunity to get back into being a shutterbug so I impulsively bought a camera a week before my trip,” Nif shared. “From then on, my camera became my travel companion.”

Talking about what captivated him in travel photography, he says, “There is something about capturing scenic places and documenting people’s lives. […] Sometimes, even though you have already been in that place before, there is a new story that you can capture with a click of the shutter button.”

His tip for learning photographers: “Experiment until you figure out your own personal style. I curate mine into four themes I personally derived over the course of doing photography: colors, form, motion, and emotion. Curating your own “genre” can guide you to what or when to press that shutter button. Social media, especially Instagram, is your friend for inspiration. Above all else, just have fun learning the craft.”

12. Nathaniel Viriña, California

Instagram: @i.loco93

Although now currently based in California, Nathaniel says that whenever he visits the Philippines, he makes sure to visit as many different tourist spots in the country. “I’ve always loved taking photos and traveling,” he shares. “I truly believe it is one of the most rewarding things you can do, personally and professionally.” Nathaniel says he enjoys photography for how it gives “the ability to capture scenes from my life to remember.”

His tip for learning photographers: “Good lighting is the most important thing in making a photo look professional. Second, check the settings of your camera. Third, focus on your subject. Lastly, take your time and be patient until you get the best shot.”

11. Joenard “Jjo” Pollicar, Manila

Instagram: @jjopollicar19

Joenard doesn’t only take breathtaking aerial photography during his travels, his architectural and street photos of Manila also make one realize that you don’t have to travel far to see things in a new perspective; sometimes, you just have to have the intention to simply look.

A Computer Engineer by profession and a hobbyist photographer, Joenard’s fascination for travel photography started when he was a kid. He said he remembers how he used to be so in awe of beautiful landscape and travel photos, but that it wasn’t until the first time he got to hold a DSLR camera, his friend’s, when he said he knew that he needed to own one too. So he got a camera, and the rest was history.

Joenard shared that he started off as a volunteer photographer at events, weddings, and birthdays, until he later fell in love with travel photography. “Now, I just got a drone which I use to capture awesome and different perspectives of landscape photos. I am also planning to invest on a full-frame camera with complete accessories for better output.”

His tip for learning photographers: “Always be aware of your composition while taking photos. Be creative, explore, and never stop learning as there is so much room to improve in this industry.”

10. Daryll Gubat, Moalboal

Instagram: @dgubat

If you’ve ever dreamed of living a nomadic lifestyle, you can perhaps find inspiration in our next featured photographer, Daryll. He’s been on the road with his partner, Gillean (and their golden retriever Gunter) since packing their life in Manila in 2016.

“My partner and I got tired of living in the city. So we saved up, sold stuff we didn’t need, and found sources of income that didn’t require us to be in Metro Manila,” Daryll shared with us. As for how he got into travel photography (which is #feedgoals to be honest), he said: “Photography was just something we decided to pick up while we were transitioning to a nomadic lifestyle.”

He explained their way of traveling, too. “We are advocates of slow, sustainable travel, so what we do is stay at certain places for a few months. This gives us the opportunity to study our environment, experience each place the way the locals do, learn new things, and try to take pretty pictures.”

His tip for learning photographers: “When taking photos, don’t limit yourself to one angle. Don’t be afraid to experiment and take a few risks. Usually, good photos come from angles that are rarely seen.”

Check out more of Daryll’s work on his website, www.dgubat.com. And follow his partner’s IG, @gilleanonearth, to take a further peek into their nomadic lifestyle.

9. Eunick Nobe, Pasay City

Instagram: @eunicknobe

With her trademark of neon colors, Eunick has the ability to turn every destination into the neon paradise of your dreams. She describes herself as “a huge ball of energy,” (We’ve met her. She is.) and that is perhaps why her photos are quite literally lit—in vibrant neon, that is.

Eunick is a When In Manila contributor. She shares, “I honestly started doing travel photography thanks to When In Manila. I have been a contributor for two years now and traveled a lot because of them.” And when asked about her style of taking photos, Eunick explains that she always tries to take photos in her own unique perspective and “finding something that people tend to overlook.” So even when she travels to touristy destinations and takes photos of things a place is already known for, she tries to find a unique twist for her photos still.

Her tip for learning photographers: “Just keep shooting, and find different angles. If you see a group of people flocking to one place to take a photo, go away from that, and find your own unique angle.”

See more of Eunick’s work at behance.net/eunicknobe

8. Christian Caballes, Quezon City

Instagram: @the.christian.cee

Mountain peaks and dazzling underwater shots—these are the two common subjects of photography you’ll see in Christian’s Instagram feed. A freediver and a drone pilot who loves to go on weekend hiking trips, Christian portrays the mountains and the oceans as both a home and a playground, which will make you want to pack a bag and go as well.

His photography journey started with a point and shoot camera in 2007. And traveling became his way of practicing. “I started joining travel photography groups, until I got comfortable traveling alone as well. From then, I improved my craft and got into other photography modes such as landscape, aerial, and underwater,” Christian shares.

His tip for learning photographers: “Make your photo unique. A lot of people might have already taken a similar photo at that location you are traveling to, so always find a different point of view (bird’s eye view, worm’s eye view, etc). Add elements, and take candid photos with the location at the backdrop.

In addition, there’s a saying that ‘You miss 100% of the shots you didn’t take’. So whether it be a bad day, a bad angle, or a bad weather during your travel, always see to it that you take a photo. You will never know how good it will end up, so might as well take it.”

You can check out Christian on his Facebook page as well where he posts travel videos: www.facebook.com/thereceegoes

7. Mary Anne “Mare” Collantes, Manila

Instagram: @marecollantes

If there is an Instagram feed that would best describe the word “wanderlust”, it would be Mare Collantes’ profile. At just one look, it would be hard not to feel the call of adventure, as Mare’s images capture the beauty of travel oh so well.

A full-time photographer and entrepreneur, Mare co-owns some companies with who she describes as “awesome friends”. And because of her love of going new places, meeting people, and hearing stories, it was inevitable that she got into photography. “I wanted to document the memories,” she told us.

Mare further shares, “I got my first DSLR camera right before my first trip to Singapore and a trip to the US. I used to journal every time I went on a trip. But during those two trips, I realized that I could capture moments so much better with my photographs than with my words. That stuck with me.”

Her tip for learning photographers: “Allot time. I usually take walks by myself in the morning so I can shoot at my own pace, before everyone else wakes up. I usually end up taking my favorite photos from there!”

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