LOOK: This older sibling trolled his brother by putting a photo of Dante Gulapa in his homework

Anyone with a brother or sister can tell you this: you never want to tick off a sibling, however accidental your actions are. They will remember it, and they will get back at you.

Unfortunately, that’s what happened to John Teodosio (@teodosiojohnn on Twitter) when he asked his older brother for a favor and forgot to thank him for it. In a now-deleted tweet, John shared a photo of his school paper with a shirtless Dante Gulapa inserted in between the pages. And he only found out about it after submitting the paper… when his professor called his attention.

Dante Gulapa

According to Yahoo Philippines, John asked his older brother, Mark, to print and bring his paper to the campus. Because he was rushing, he didn’t bother to double check the paper before handing it in. He shared:

It was past my deadline when I finished it and there’s no printer [on campus] so I had to ask my brother to print it for me. I was kind of rude about it to be honest because I was already rushing.

So his brother decided to get back at him with this ‘sexy’ photo. Mark simply said: “[My] bro forgot to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you.’ So as a prank and to teach him a lesson, I just had to [do that].”

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The good news is that John’s professor didn’t even scold him for the slip-up. He was called into class and questioned for the photo, but his professor was good-humored and just laughed off the mistake. Lucky for him (and his brother)!

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Source: Yahoo!