LOOK: This Netizen Shares Different Personalities of a UV Express Passenger

Before these ride-sharing apps were considered a “distinct transportation solution,” UV Express vans were or even until now is every commuter’s lifesaver. It’s equally fast, convenient, and an affordable alternative as well. But what makes it dreadful is the driver who insists to make the impossible, possible, and of course, the different personalities we come across inside the van.

It’s funny because a Netizen shared her perspective of different personalities inside a UV Express van.  She named it: “Types of UV Express Passengers.”

Screen Shot 2017 11 15 at 7.40.48 AM

Courtesy of Karl Alyssa

As usual, her relatable remark had gone viral, so allow us to share the story behind it.

Karl Alyssa Reyes, the lady behind this truthful sketch, is a licensed Civil Engineer, who graduated and took the board exam last 2013. She is also the co-founder of Container Living PH (which is a design and build firm that focuses on up-cycling used shipping containers and use them as their primary building material for residential and commercial structures), working in both the Design and Build process.

In a short e-interview with Karl, she shared that she commutes via UV Express at least 3 days a week. And when I asked her what made her decide to sketch an extremely relatable story, she replied, “a few years ago, almost every day, and by the last week of October, I was thinking of what to draw for my final inktober post. I wanted to do something a bit different. So there I was, sitting inside the van and I had the idea–I remembered the concept from a previous blog post I had way back in 2014 which was about a few types of jeepney drivers. I had a quick “scan inside” the van and started “labeling” the people. When I got home, I drew (twice, had to revise the first one because it didn’t feel quite right) and posted it. I was really surprised and happy that people started sharing it and commenting how much they relate to it.”

Aside from the UV Express personalities sketch, she also drew the “Kwentong UV” and I think y’all could relate!

Screen Shot 2017 11 15 at 7.53.25 AM

Of course, I wouldn’t let this chance pass by, so I asked her, “what type of commuter are you?”

She happily responded:

“I’d say I’m a mix of the gambler, girl social and the leaning tower. But mostly The leaning tower. I sleep when I commute all the time, no matter where I’m seated– except in my Lost Girl moments (where I only take 5 min. naps) Haha”

Girl, this is spot-on! In fact, I’m writing this inside an empty UV Express waiting to be filled up and be either the “Mader Packer” or “Leaning Tower of Piza!”

So, what type of a UV Express commuter are you?