LOOK: This Local Brand Promotes Philippine History Through Its Eco-Friendly Tote Bags

A local brand based in Metro Manila is all about combining its love for local history, art, and artists, with every product stemming from its founders’ desire to support. Salaysay, as its social media bio describes, is “not just an online business. It’s a supporter of local artists, Filipino arts, and Filipino history.”

Salaysay’s products range from eco-friendly tote bags, ethnic face masks, and inabel fabrics.

The brand’s founder, Fatima Encio, shared with us the roots of Salaysay. She said that the brand was actually first established in a desire to help a student finish his studies. Fatima told us, “He was a smart student (full scholar) and an artist, so I thought of a way to help him financially that in the long run could be a stable income not just for him, but for other students and artists.”

Fatima said that she grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, so it wasn’t hard for her to combine all the factors that were right in front of her. As a college instructor of Philippine History, she thought of using this as the heart of Salaysay’s identity. She approached her friend, who is also a major in Philippine history and a college instructor just like her, to join her in this endeavor.

The tote bags are all printed with original artwork by local artists, who get up to 40% of royalties for every sale. Salaysay’s first collection was designed by two Broadcasting scholars, Eisenn and Elica.

Take a look at the beautiful designs from Salaysay’s first collection called “Heroine,” which features some of Philippine history’s fiercest females—Gabriela Silang, Teresa Magbanua, and Gregoria “Oryang” de Jesus.

Each purchase of an expandable tote bag from Salaysay comes with a “saysay” card, which tells something about the artwork and figure featured on the item. These were written by Salaysan’s partner historians.

Salaysay’s name was born from this idea. As explained by Fatima, “The name ’Salaysay’ is inspired by the phrase ’salaysay na may saysay’ from the discipline ’kasaysayan’ or history. If you translate the word ‘salaysay’ in English, the closest word you can get is ‘narrative.’ Our shop aims to give our patrons a glimpse of our nation’s narrative through our products.”

Salaysay’s second collection, “Underrated,” features underrated Filipino heroes Macario Sakay and Commander Dawn a.k.a. “Kumander Liwayway.”

Fatima goes on to note that Salaysay’s products are all eco-friendly and locally made. She shares, “Our tote bags are made of canvas fabric from a local printing business in Rizal (@MLBoyon), and our face masks are made by an aspiring fashion designer who designed a dress for Heart Evangelista (@Jcampanocreations). We also resell ethnic face-mask made of Inaul (from Mindanao) and Inabel (from Cordillera) fabrics, bought at retail price to help and support our local weavers.”

Salaysay is based in Metro Manila, but the brand can ship anywhere in the Philippines and even internationally. The prices of the tote bags range between P250 to P350 depending on the collection and the size. A 20% discount is offered to returning customers, and the brand is also open for reselling. Salaysay also accepts custom-made orders, as long as they are Philippine history or heritage related.

Love Philippine history? Get your own eco-friendly “Heroine” or “Underrated” tote bag now through Salaysay’s pages below.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/salaysaynamaysaysay/

Instagram: @salay.say

Shopee: https://shopee.ph/salaysaynamaysaysay?smtt=0.0.9

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