LOOK: This Local Artist Preserves Real Flowers in Shoes

We have recently seen the emergence of many local artists showing off their amazing skills on social media. Some of these artists make use of resin as their medium. Through resin art, they are able to preserve pretty much anything that you want to get immortalized.

Now, you don’t have to be limited in displaying these preserved works of art through jewelry—which has been the recent trend. Thanks to another budding resin artist, now you can have memorabilia in stylish shoes, too!

nyecety 1

Photo from @nyecety

Nyree Matanguihan of NYEcety: Handcrafted Niceties is a resin artist and an ophthalmologist by profession. When she’s not treating eye diseases, she creates beautiful shoes that feature real flowers preserved in resin.

Nyree shares with WhenInManila.com that being “left-brain dominant” led her to believe that she didn’t have an artistic side. But after getting into calligraphy in 2013, she started getting more into art.

nyecety 2

Photo from @nyecety

In 2019, she joined a resin art workshop. Thinking that she needs to stand out from the many resin artists in the country, she thought of incorporating what she loves: shoes.

With Cinderella-inspired shoes, she puts real flowers into the heels. The transparent look of the heels and the shoe strap definitely makes her Cinderella-inspired shoes a lot more colorful.

nyecety 3

Photo from @nyecety

It takes her up to a few days to finish a pair of her bespoke shoes. Because she uses real flowers and crafts the heels herself, no two designs are the same.

So, if you’re looking for something definitely unique to wear on your feet, you can’t go wrong with these shoes from NYEcety.

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Aside from shoes, Nyree has also been creating 2-in-1 resin earrings that can be worn in two different styles. She shares that she includes her daughter’s polymer clay creations in her resin necklaces to add dimension to the piece.


Photo from @nyecety

We just love how these beautiful floral shoes add a piece of nature to any outfit. They also instantly give us summer vibes even during rainy days.

If you’re aching to add a new pair of stylish and one-of-a-kind shoes to your collection, a pair of floral resin shoes from NYEcety is a must-have!



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