LOOK: This Korean Barbecue Cheese Fondue Set Features Unli Premium Meats and Unli Wine!

Photos by Jezreel Colangoy and Matthew Gan

Do you love Korean barbecue and cheese as much as your special someone? Well, this Valentine’s, you can now have a cheesy Korean barbecue feast with bae while on a premium dining experience that doesn’t break the bank.

The Korean barbecue-cheese fondue combination is all the craze right now, so on February 14th, Valentine’s Day, premium Korean barbecue place Gen Korean BBQ House will be launching their new menu, featuring a cheese fondue set. The perfect reason to go on the cheesiest date ever!

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Here are some things you need to know about Gen Korean BBQ House’s cheese fondue set:

3. Their cheese fondue is made with béchamel sauce, making it extra creamy.

At Gen Korean BBQ, unlike in other Korean barbecue places, there’s no need to melt the cheese anymore as theirs is served as fondue. Plus, the fondue is made with cheddar cheese and béchamel sauce that makes it even creamier. And as it is served melted, you can leave the cheese over the heat while grilling the meat, for an even cheesier result.


2. There are lots of meats to choose from to pair with the cheese fondue.

Gen Korean BBQ House offers 35 premium meat choices like samgyupsal, bulgogi, steak, chicken, and even seafood such as shrimp and calamari that you can pair up with the cheese. It’s definitely worth it, as there a lot of meat choices and unique flavors to choose from. You’ll always find something here to satisfy your taste buds.

Here are some of the suggested meats that are best to pair up with the cheese fondue:

GEN KOREAN BBQ _ WHENINMANILA.COM _ JEZ-12From top to bottom: Red Wine Samgyupsal, Cajun Pork Belly, Plain Samgyupsal, Garlic Samgyupsal, Hawaiian Bacon, Premium Steak, Spicy Pork Bulgogi, Smoked Samgyupsal and Chadol.

1. They offer Premium Steak and different wine choices for you, too. that can make your experience more romantic and cheesier.

To make your dining experience even more romantic and cheesier, Gen Korean BBQ House offers premium steaks in their choices of meats, along with different choices of wine. And yes, we’re not talking about just U.S. premium meats, we mean unlimited U.S. premium meats. And, for an additional PHP298 per person, you can have unlimited wine, too!


Check out their rates below:

Weekday Lunch (Monday to Friday, 11am to 2pm)

  • PHP798+ with 24 choices of meats and seafood
  • PHP998+ with 27 choices of meats and seafood (includes U.S. Premium Steaks)

Weekday Dinner (Monday to Friday, 5pm to 11pm)

  • PHP998+ with 27 choices of meats and seafood
  • PHP1348+ with 35 choices of meats and seafood (includes U.S. Premium Steaks)

Whole Day Weekend (Saturday to Sunday, 11am to 11pm)

  • PHP998+ with 27 choices of meats and seafood
  • PHP1348+ with 35 choices of meats and seafood (includes U.S. Premium Steaks)

Bottomless Beverages:

  • PHP88 per person for non alcoholic drinks (sodas, juices, and iced tea)
  • PHP298 per person for unlimited wine

Rates are subject to tax and service charge.


So what are you waiting for? Dine this February at Gen Korean BBQ House to experience your cheesiest date ever.

Gen Korean BBQ House

Bldg. J, Unit 1-16, SM By the Bay, Seaside Blvd, Mall of Asia Complex
(02) 541-2766 / (+63) 917- 6218249
Instagram: @genkbbq_ph

Operating Hours:
Weekdays: 11AM to 2PM for lunch / 5PM to 11PM for dinner
Weekends: 11AM to 12MN (whole day service, no closing breaks)