LOOK: This is the Only Clear Photo Taken of Selena Gomez’ Arrival at NAIA Last Night

If there two words to describe the fans’ reactions to Selena Gomez’ arrival at NAIA Terminal 2 last night, it would be ‘UTTER CHAOS’. When in Manila Courtney will attest to the fact that people went absolutely wild upon seeing Selena arrive – and if you watched Courtney’s attempt to catch her arrival on Facebook live, you should know that it’s true! :p If you missed the attempted live feed, you can rewatch it here. Her arrival was so highly anticipated that she eventually got mobbed upon exiting the airport.

As such, it really isn’t any wonder why there haven’t been a lot of photos of Selena’s arrival on social media. In fact, this is the only clear photo we have right now, courtesy of Patrick Lasanas:

Selena Gomez NAIA Arrival Philippines

Great job on the shot, Patrick! We know it wasn’t easy! Can’t wait to watch Selena live tonight! Who else is going to be there? 🙂

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