LOOK: This ‘grocery bouquet’ might just be the surprise you need for Valentine’s

Whether you love it or hate it there’s one thing you have to admit about Valentine’s Day: the bouquet is a staple of the holiday. A lot of people complain that it’s become stereotypical and cliche, but most ideas become so because they’re good ideas. Giving or receiving a bouquet of any kind is always a win because it’s a simple but sweet way to show affection.

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But it’s also fair to say that giving the typical kinds of bouquets have become old and unoriginal. After all, how many couples are we likely to see walking around with bundles of flowers on Valentine’s Day? Even bouquets of other kinds (chocolates, chicken nuggets, paper ornaments) have become so usual that nothing is a novelty! That’s why Vince Lubuguin put special effort into his girlfriend’s (Mikee) gift this year.

Instead of going the traditional route, he filled the paper arrangement with her daily needs. He calls it a ‘grocery bouquet’ and says he wanted to give her something practical this year. It’s filled with things like her favorite snacks, toiletries, and a stash of breakfast drinks.

Vince shares that he got the idea because he’s always trying to surprise her and make every moment memorable. He felt this gift said it best since it’s something she can use every day and something that will constantly remind her of him.

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If you’re running out of ideas this year (or your partner happens to hate flowers) why not try this thoughtful idea of a grocery bouquet? It shows attentiveness when you’re able to pick out the brands they use, or their guilty pleasure junk food of choice. Plus, it takes off just a little bit of stress out of your partner’s life when a minor hassle like grocery shopping is out of the way.

Do you have any creative ideas of your own for Valentine’s? Share them with us in the comments! 


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