LOOK: This Fitness Studio Reinvents Working Out by Keeping Things FUN

Words by Sophia Teaño
Photos by Paulo Obia

Interactive Dance 11

At times, the concept of working out may feel embarrassing. We get conscious of our physique, our appearance when we sweat, as well as making mistakes in our routines. Luckily, this studio got you covered. Interactive Dance Revolution doesn’t solely want you to lose weight, they want you to have fun. The studio considered the factors that spoil the fun so that you can enjoy the experience despite being on the shyer side.

Interactive Dance 1

The studio doesn’t observe a hierarchical structure. Instead of merely a merely an instructor-student arrangement, IDR has a side-by-side workout. The coach doesn’t just watch you, they perform the exercises with you throughout. The format avoids the feeling of someone keeping an eye on you, so you’ll simply like you’re just performing activities with someone. When you do commit an error, the coaches casually remind you how to get back on track.

Interactive Dance 9

Interactive Dance 8

The owners underscore the role of their coaches a lot. When the owners, Nikka Gaspar and Jake Nonog, screened their coaches, they assessed their applicant’s personality too. Nikka proudly mentions that their Facebook reviews rave about the friendliness of the staff. “Dapat talaga ipa-feel sa kanila na at home sila (the clients). Alagaan niyo sila.”, advised Jake to the coaches. IDR works on creating a friendly environment to avoid intimidation on their clients’ part.

However, what sets apart IDR is their lights. When the pair was conceptualizing the business they agreed to invest on, they only knew they wanted a gym. It was nothing specific, only that they were aiming to do something different from the existing gyms and workout studios. But then ideas started coming in and their vision became more and more defined—and the lights played a special role in it.

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Interactive Dance 5

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When they surveyed gyms and dance studios as well as evaluated their previous experiences with them, Nikka noticed that the large mirrors and well-lit rooms created a feeling of uneasiness. IDR adjusted the lighting so that their customers wouldn’t feel anxious about their mistakes nor what they looked like. They noted that the studio comers preferred dim lights because their movements are less exposed. Through altering the lights, they addressed the feeling of intimidation.

Interactive Dance 2

Interactive Dance 3

Interactive Dance Revolution essentially wants their clients to feel motivated to work out, and have fun along with it. Their classes, Temproom (a Dance Lazer Party) and Velodrome (Cosmic Spinning), offer different routines. The workouts are structured with diverse exercises, accompanied by kind, energetic coaches. So if you just want to try something fresh for your next workout session while enjoying good company, you might want to drop by their studio!

Interactive Dance Revolution

37 Tomas Morato Ave, Quezon City, 1112 Metro Manila
Phone: +0927 004 0055
Email: interactivedancerevolution@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/InteractiveDanceRevolution