LOOK: This Energy Company Pushes for a Better World Through Shared Resources

Words by: Leika Golez

Imagine a world that focuses on shared resources rather than politics and money.

Formula Green Corporation is advocating for this idea. They believe that a “Shared Resources Economy” will enhance humanity’s way of living.

Here’s everything you need to know about it.


Who is Formula Green Corporation? 

Formula Green Corporation, or FGC, is Asia’s very first Fusion Energy company. They focus on using and developing fusion, which is one of the cleanest forms of energy in our world today. Fusion power runs on elements that can be extracted from seawater and derived from lithium, which the earth is abundant with. Furthermore, Fusion produces zero pollution or greenhouse gas emissions, is safe, and is not affected by weather which makes it sustainable.

As part of this dividend system for humanity program, FGC is also taking the lead to consolidate selected world resources to form a digital currency via the Formula Green Foundation based in Zug, Switzerland. This effort is besides their main objective of supplying both liquid and solid fuels for space exploration and travel, as well as participating in the Fusion energy industry.

The Shared Resources Initiative

With this focus on sustainable Fusion Energy, FGC also believes that a Shared Resources Economy will greatly benefit humanity and their way of living.

The Shared Resources Initiative started from the belief of United Nations Awardee Jacque Fresco that money simply limited humanity—after all, this is a world that highlights profit as more important than quality of life. He also realized that world problems were more technical, so the current political system wouldn’t be as effective as handling these said problems.

Formula Green Corporation 2FGC Chairman, Paul Monozca (right) with UN Awardee Jacques Fresco (left)

So he proposed a fresh project called the Venus Project. In his blueprint, he wanted to rearrange the monetary economy into a resource-based one. Rather than focusing on money that we didn’t have, he planned to manage our existing resources and distribute them all equitably. For this to be possible, resources should be declared as “common heritage of all the world’s people”. And through this process of sharing, resources, goods, and services will be available and accessible to everyone.

The project aimed to start by first building a research center city, which would then create automated constructions for the next cities. Throughout all this, conserving resources would be prioritized.

hewoA model of the visualized Venus Project research center

Is a Shared Resources Economy even feasible?

FGC has partnered up with Maharlika Trust, the second largest Philanthropic Fund in the world based in Monte Carlo, Monaco, to persistently find other stakeholders to join them in preserving the world’s resources. This includes ocean protection, agricultural support, clean and renewable energy, and forest conservation. Currently, they have already reached out to over 200 international organizations.

Formula Green CorporationLeft to right: FGC executives Arnie Alafriz, Paul Monozca, and Rich Cabael with astrophysicists, professors, and engineers from around the world at the ‘Shared Resources Economy’ immersion program in Florida, USA

Ultimately, Formula Green Corporation’s goal is simple: they want humanity to benefit from an economy that is sustainable and openly shares its resources. If implemented well, people will have an enhanced standard of living that both humanity and their surroundings can benefit from.

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