LOOK: This Chic Cafe in Makati is Where Food Meets Fashion

If you’re looking for both class and comfort, then look no further than Nic’s. Nic’s a chic and dainty café with locations both in Park Terraces, Makati City, and UP Town Center, Quezon City.

Nic’s is a café and restaurant that seeks to make easily-reheatable food sophisticated and hearty. Their menu offers a selection of Filipino favorites with a European flair. 

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Nic’s first started out as a commissary in 2001. They initially provided gourmet desserts and bread to restaurants and cafés like Seattle’s Best Coffee, Manila Polo Club, Philippine Airlines (Sky Kitchen Philippines Inc.) and many more. 

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They also participate in “by invitation only” food halls and bazaars. Their sophisticated food offerings gained popularity throughout time which led them to the creation of their retail outlet, NIC’s. 

There are many things to enjoy about Nic’s. First, if you’re the type who wants to chill in a café but tend to get hungry afterward, then Nic’s is the perfect place to go to. 

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Their restaurant boasts everything from coffee, pastries, and savory food all in one place. The Instagram-worthy interior is an added bonus with its chic boutique aesthetic. 

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If you’re looking for a place to hang, then having cocktails and mozzarella sticks at Nic’s is a good idea. They have drinks, from margaritas to red velvet milkshakes that pair especially well with their food. 

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If you’re the type who would rather take the food out and eat at home, Nic’s is also for you. All their food is easily packaged so you can reheat them the day after.

It still stays fresh.  

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Make sure to bring home their Wild Mushroom Pesto Pizza and Meat Lasagna, you surely won’t regret having it the next day (and the day after that). Another best in their menu is the Seafood Medley pasta with generous servings of shrimp and clams. (TIP: You can ask them to add a dash of truffle oil in your pasta for that added punch. They would happily oblige). 

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Of course, one cannot leave a Nic’s store without trying out their award-winning desserts. Their Peach Walnut Torte is the perfect balance of sweet and tanginess. Of course, if there’s any dessert worth giving up your diet over, it’s their Brownie Walnut Cluster. The texture is just the right amount of fudge and crunch.

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Whether you’re the type who would want to eat in the restaurant or enjoy the food at home, you can never go wrong with Nic’s.


G/F UP Town Center, Katipunan Ave., Quezon City

G/F Park Terraces, Palm Drive, Makati City