LOOK: This birthday cake greeting made us LOL!

Requirements in school or at work could get the best of you, so what’s one sweet remedy that could take that stress away?

Cake, of course!

Jill Roxas, a student from Quezon City, decided to do something special for her friend on her 22nd birthday. She, along with four other friends, wanted to surprise her a cake with a special message.

“We’re working on thesis right now so it’s been pretty stressful. That’s why the message is like that,” she tells WHEN IN MANILA.


The bakery thought the celebrant’s name was “stress”. It was an honest mistake, but Roxas and her friends couldn’t help but acknowledge the mishap on much it “made their day”.

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The celebrant, Denise, with the cake.

My friends and I laughed so hard when we saw the message,” she exclaims. “It honestly made our day.”

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Jill Roxas wishes to acknowledge Bea Ruiz, Katty Tiangco, Candice Ong and Boris Yamit for helping her surprise their friend, Denise Miranda.