LOOK: This Artist Puts A Spin On Famous Landmarks Through Paper Cutouts!

Screw the usual selfies and travel OOTDs whenever you visit a famous landmark.

An artist named Rich McGor transforms the world’s well-known places and establishments into his own kind of art.

“How?”, you may ask. Well, let’s just say he managed to turn The Louvre into light rays from a UFO and the Eiffel Tower into a butterfly by using cut-out papers. He regularly uploads these photos on his Instagram page, @paperboyo, which already has 258,000 followers ever since he started last Feb 2015.

Here are more photos below.





Yup, that was St.Paul’s Cathedral turned into a sundae. In Rich’s world, it’s called sundae service.


Is it Singapore’s Gardens by The Bay or tennis pins?


Arc de Triomphe or a robot trying to invade our world?


Marina Bay Sands or key?


Well, look who’s here. Apparently, Nemo’s at Clyde Auditorium. Oh wait, he is the Clyde Auditorium.

Whenever Rich creates art out of historical places, he also makes sure to include trivia, fun facts and bite-sized history knowledge for his followers. Aside from landmarks, he also creates art using ordinary objects and places, making them more amusing than they already are.




Isn’t his creativity inspiring?

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