LOOK: This 80-something-year-old makes her own homemade pineapple tarts and they are heavenly!

Words by Nicole Teng

Chinese pineapple cakes or tarts (鳳梨酥, pronounced Feng Li Su) are a famous delicacy in Taiwan. Usually square-shaped, it has a buttery, shortbread-like outer casing, with a filling similar to a thick pineapple jam. Because of its golden color and green crown, the Chinese have historically seen the pineapple as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Thus, it is often gifted and served around Lunar New Year to symbolize an auspicious start of the year.

Nowadays, these pineapple tarts are rising in popularity, especially in Taiwan where almost every corner has a shop dedicated to goodies like this. Now, there is no need to go to Taiwan to purchase authentic Feng Li Su, because here in Manila, this a-mah (lola in Chinese) is now baking these treats homemade and as fresh as they can be!


Sunny-Side Up Pineapple Tarts creates this artisanal pastry in their own creative way. What makes these pineapple cakes delicious is that it has that soft, crumbly, and flaky exterior, filled with pineapple jam that’s freshly made at home. While each piece is quite filling, one bite will leave you hankering for more and you will feel yourself reaching out for another piece. And another. Another thing that makes these cakes unique is its shape. Normally, they are bought shaped as squares or ovals, but this a-mah makes them in the cutest pineapple shape!


A box of these pineapple tarts contains eight pieces but these may not be enough because you’ll definitely get addicted to the taste. You can get them for yourself (we recommend getting another box to satisfy your needs) or your loved ones because it’s food and it’s cute. Who doesn’t love cute food?


Enjoy them on their own, but we recommend that you eat them with a hot cup of Chinese tea.

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