LOOK: These Stylish Good Juju Totes Are For Girlies Who Always Have to Bring Everything

As someone who always thinks about all the “just in case” scenarios every time I leave the house, I don’t travel light. I always have to bring everything, so it was a struggle for me to find the perfect bag that could carry all my essentials while being cute and stylish!

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Good Juju Totes showed up on my social media and I instantly fell in love with the minimalist yet quirky designs of their bags and other lifestyle products. “Good Juju” is such an apt name for the brand because that’s exactly what I got when I first got my hands on their products. They’re just oozing with good vibes!

Good Juju Totes is a local brand started by sisters: Kat and Trish de Guzman. Both being in the advertising and marketing industry, their business started from wanting to creatively express what they value the most, which is self-care and wellness.

Trish and Kat shared with WhenInManila.com that the idea for Good Juju Totes started from a conversation in their living room. They started talking about how the tote bags they previously owned generally didn’t have pockets or were made of thin and flimsy material.

“Totes having no pockets made it difficult to be organized–and being organized helps keep a clear mind, which then brings calm knowing you can get what you need with ease,” they say.

So, they solved this problem by designing totes with thick and durable fabric, thick straps, and multiple pockets inside and outside the bag.

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The Juno Fits Everything tote literally fits everything. I love that there are so many pockets in this tote bag, plus it has such a large capacity that I don’t have to worry about where to put my daily essentials.

The outer and inner pockets can fit my 22oz water tumbler snugly. It keeps my tumbler upright so I don’t have to worry about leaks.

I can also fit my umbrella, notebook, chargers, gadgets, laptop, and even my snacks! I am honestly obsessed with this tote, especially since it features a strong and sturdy material so I know that it can actually take all the weight.

Plus, it’s so easy to fall in love with the cream color and vibrant embroidery on the front.

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If you’re looking for a taller and darker version of this tote, you can check out the Frankie tote which also has multi-functional pockets, high-quality material, and an overall cute vibe.

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And perfect for the rainy season, Good Juju Totes also has the vibrant Juno Fits Everything Nylon which are waterproof large capacity totes with just as many interior and exterior pockets. These totes also come in five super cute colors–one for every weekday!

For the girlies who actually like smaller bags, Good Juju Totes has adorable Chibi Mini totes that are perfect for quick errand runs and stylish OOTDs. It also has pockets and an interchangeable strap, and it’s made out of sturdy material.

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Good Juju Totes doesn’t just offer everyday bags for work or school. Their super cute Juju Jelly pouches are perfect for carrying your travel essentials and toiletries on your upcoming trips. These pouches, which come in two sizes, are made with thick PVC and vegan leather.

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I love using it for toiletries because it’s super spacious and I don’t have to worry about spills in my luggage. You’re also sure to love the vibrant colors!

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Good Juju Totes also makes sure that you’ll enjoy unboxing their products. Even their product packaging looks so well-thought-out! Their boxes come in so many vibrant colors, they have stickers, and the bags are also well-protected.

You get to enjoy the good juju from the moment you receive your package.

For a multi-functional and super sturdy everyday bag that will surely give you good juju daily, you definitely have to check out Good Juju Totes. Experience that calmness and tranquility in knowing you have a well-made bag that can carry all your essentials with this local brand!

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Good Juju Totes is available on Shopee and Lazada for nationwide shipping. But if you want to receive your bags ASAP, you can opt for same-day delivery through their social media platforms. To check out the bags firsthand, watch out for their regular pop-ups, bazaars, and events through their social media pages.

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