LOOK: These Healthy Chips are Made From Fresh Seaweed and it Helps Mothers in Tawi-Tawi

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I love to eat and one of the things I enjoy about food is the discovery of new dishes and flavors. The Philippines is rich with different traditions and cultures, which means I always find something new in Filipino cuisine. My latest discovery? Seaweed chips from Juana’s Delight, which is produced in Tawi-Tawi.

Mindanao, particularly the province of Tawi-Tawi, is rich in culture, the arts, and untapped natural resources. This, along with the desire to showcase its beauty, is what led sisters Alyssa Sahali Tan and Dayang Iman Sahali to launch Mangan by Iman and Juana’s Delight.

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According to Mangan by Iman, Juana’s Delight is the first and original seaweed chips proudly made in the Philippines and by Filipinos. It’s made with fresh edible seaweed, and it’s both delicious and healthy. It’s like eating a more subtle and crunchier nori flake, with just a hint of spice. It’s the perfect snack while watching movies or even accompanied by your favorite drink.

What we love about Juana’s Delight is that the ingredients are sourced by local farmers and produced by previously unemployed mothers and housewives. Mangan by Iman goes straight to the farmers so they can support their livelihood through ethical means. The sisters even encourage them to raise their prices so they get more income.

The seaweed is then turned into chips by mothers and housewives, so they are also empowered to earn their own money. A percentage of the profit goes to the education of indigenous children, especially the Badjao students of Panglima Sugala Sailing Boat School. This passion to help the community is personal, as the sisters are part of the Tausug and Jama Mapun tribe in the province.

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The seaweed chips go well with their spicy vinegar, a potent sauce with a strong, tangy flavor. We’ve eaten all the chips but we’re still using Mangan by Iman’s vinegar because we enjoy it so much.

To date, you can buy Juana’s Delight and Mangan by Iman’s spicy vinegar on their Facebook and Instagram pages, and via email. New products are in the pipeline but the launch was moved due to the pandemic. Once the products are complete, the team might launch a website and try platforms like Lazada and Shopee.

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