LOOK: These Durable Beds Are Made For Your Adorable Pets!

Are you looking for stylish furniture pieces for your pet babies? Say no more. We found a homegrown brand that specializes in durable beds for your adorable little fur balls!

From Alaskan Malamutes to British Shorthair Cats, Pillows & More PH got you and your pets covered, literally. Plus, you may rest assured that their pieces won’t be an eyesore because all their designs are chic and stylish, thanks to their wide array of colorful prints and playful patterns. Check out some of the styles we’ve recently shopped below.

4. Luxe Beds

Hitting the sack has never been this comfy! We love these luxe beds so much that if we can have one for hoomans, we’d totally buy! Not to mention, the beds are waterproof so no need to worry about outdoor lounging at the park.

3. Posh Pillow Houses

Of course, our babies need houses to sleep in, too! This is perfect for our pets who love a little privacy every now and then. The closed space will ensure they have a good sleep any time of the day.

2. Cat Boat

You know how “liquid” cats are, right? They prefer bowl-like containers where they can squish every inch of their fur and fluff. Look no further because they’ll surely enjoy cat-loafing inside these cat boats.

1. Bandanas

Last but not the least, they also have bandanas or should we say, every stylish pet’s must-have piece. These statement pieces can turn your dog to a diva. Available in different colors and prints, now, you can match outfits with your pooch.

Love these items? You may shop them here.

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