READ: Pawrent Raises Funds For Dog’s Operation Through Pet Sketches

There is no doubt that pet parents will do anything for their little fur balls of love. The story of #SketchesForShnuma is one example.

Shnuma is a nine-year-old Miniature Schnauzer who is suffering from a kidney disorder. Being mindful of the hospital bills and medication costs, her pawrent, Kayla Teodoro, started sketching pets in order to raise funds.

“When she was a few months old, she caught parvovirus and we thought she wouldn’t survive. Because of this we call her our miracle puppy and we’re hoping same applies for her surgery and disorder. She has been there through many of my firsts and is really one of my best-est friends! I started Sketches for Shnuma by sharing it with a few of my friends. I’ve always enjoyed drawing, but never in this big a scale. The main objective of the project is to raise funds for her upcoming hospital bills, tests, and her maintenance. We have received a great amount of help and even donations from strangers!”,Β said Kayla.

No worries, the operation has been successful and Shnuma is now recovering. Kayla also shared that after the healing process, she hopes to help other dogs who are also suffering from kidney diseases.

If you want a sketch of your pet, you may contact Kayla here.

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