LOOK: These Cute Water Bottles Will Keep You Hydrated All Day

I, admittedly, have a hard time remembering to drink enough water for the day. I know that there are other people who have the same dilemma, too! What seemed to work for me was to have a nice water bottle in my hand at all times; that made me constantly gulp down water all day.

Want to get a new water bottle to keep yourself hydrated? These cute ones from Lazada will definitely keep you constantly drinking water!

peach water bottle

Photo from Lazada

This peach-colored bottle has such a soft and adorable look thanks to its ombre design. It also has a built-in holder so you can easily attach it to your bag or completely hide the holder to keep it simple and minimalist. Buy this peach water bottle here!

doodle water bottle

Photo from Lazada

This minimalist water bottle features cute doodles and cartoon pics. It gives off a carefree and nostalgic vibe that instantly transports us back into childhood. Buy this doodle water bottle here!

deer antler bottle

Photo from Lazada

This multi-function water bottle with deer antlers is marketed towards kids, but who’s stopping us, adults, from enjoying this adorable bottle? This bottle features such a cute design and an interchangeable lid that lets you drink from a straw, straight from the bottle, or from the extra cup. Buy this cute deer antler bottle here!

elegant water bottle

Photo from Lazada

If you’re looking for an option that’s simple yet cute and elegant all at the same time, this bear-inspired water bottle is your best bet. It features sophisticated colors such as light blue and emerald green. The prismatic design of the lid gives off such an elegant vibe, too. This one’s great for when you want a pop of color, but you don’t want to overdo it. Buy this elegant water bottle here!

mini water bottle

Photo from Lazada

Need something that’s not bulky? This minimalist mini water bottle will do the trick. It features a sleek capsule-like shape with constellations for the design. It can hold up to a cup of your drink and keep it warm or cold for hours. This one’s great to keep in your bag anywhere you go. Buy this minimalist mini water bottle here!

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