LOOK: These Bamboo Muslin Products Are The Best For Your Baby

When I first heard of Bamboo Muslin products, I was a bit hesitant because I haven’t had any product made of that material in my life. It is a little more expensive than other baby products in the market too, so I was also worried about that as well.

Fast forward 2020, I got a hold of some products that are made of bamboo fiber and it changed the way I look at garments.

Iflin Baby is one of the brands that carry Bamboo Muslin products, they are available in commercial stores and other specialty stores. If you have seen Marian Rivera’s photo and Solenn Heusaff’s room tour for their baby, the nursing cape they were using was a product of Iflin Baby.

Aside from the ones that Solenn and Marian rocks, there are other multi-use products like the 2in1 burp/bib cloths and 2in1 burp and nursing cover.

True to its description of “Thoughtful design meets versatility”, Iflin products are designed to keep the baby and mom’s need in mind. Their products are truly ‘silky soft’ that are gentle to baby skin and even to those who are sensitive or have skin conditions.  The bamboo muslin fabric is made from premium quality yarn that is soft and durable.

The burp & bib cloth can also be used as a baby shawl and an on-the-go pillow because it has a soft material inside. You can fold it up and make prop it up to be a small pillow.

If you have a smaller or younger baby, you can also check out Iflin’s Swaddles. In my experience, newborns can sleep better with it. Iflin’s soft material can help soothe your baby and help them get a good sleep. Good sleep for baby means great sleep for momma!

My favorite product from Iflin is their Sleeping Bag. It’s perfect for families who are always traveling and can be used from newborn up to toddler. The 2in1 Bamboo sleeping bag can be used as is or as a blanket. The set comes with the pillow and can be folded into a small square to fit in a baby bag or luggage for travels.

Considering that my baby is bigger than average, the sleeping bag is perfect for her size. We can use it as a mat or a sleeping bag so she can keep warm at night.


Another product distributed by Iflin is the Mellow quick dry bed protector sheet. This is a must-have for moms so your baby won’t soil your bed when you are co-sleeping. It is also very soft and comfortable for a baby to sleep on.

We want the best for our babies and these bamboo muslin products are something worth investing in and can grow with your baby with its multi-function use.

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