Saber Source Offers the Best Lightsabers for Beginners

We just discovered Saber Source – and as true-blue Star Wars fans, we’ve been wondering why we hadn’t discovered them sooner. If you’re looking for the best lightsabers for beginners that won’t break the bank, look no further! Saber Source is the store to get them from.

Saber Source Best Lightsabers for Beginners

Photo from Saber Source

Saber Source started as a passion project back in April 2017 soon after John Russell Yao attended an event where they were encouraged to cosplay. “I went as a Jedi and bought a lightsaber off of Amazon since it was a bit cheaper there and, ironically, more accessible,” he shares. “After that event, I found a community of lightsaber enthusiasts online that focuses on duel-grade lightsabers and saw that a lot of people similarly do not have ready access to these products.”

Because of that, Yao wanted to make accessing and buying lightsabers easier for Filipinos while growing the community at the same time. Thus, Saber Source was born – and the mission has always been the same: to spread the love of lightsabers to everyone. 🙂

Saber Source Best Lightsabers for Beginners

Photo from Saber Source

The best thing about Saber Source is that they have sooooo many different lightsabers available. Whether you’re looking for the best lightsabers for beginners; cool lightsabers inspired by movies, TV shows, and games; or even customized lightsabers that you can truly call your own; they’ve got them all!

Saber Source Best Lightsabers for Beginners Kylo Ren

Photo from Saber Source

When choosing the lightsabers that they offer, Yao shares that his first order of business is to check whether he would personally use them. “Because if that doesn’t fit the criteria, then I can’t recommend it,” he states. Saber Source actually has various partner manufacturers from around the world and Yao checks out what’s available in their catalogs; brings samples in to test; and then, if they pass the duel and spin tests, they pass the first criteria.

Secondly, Yao checks out the specs, the story behind it, and what makes it different. Of course, he also checks out the competition and the price point. Lastly, he checks how repairable the product is. “After-sales is important,” he stresses, “especially because a lot of people don’t know how to repair these kinds of things. There is a certain expectation that comes with offering consumer electronics including warranty and serviceability.”

Saber Source Best Lightsabers for Beginners Obi-Wan

Photo from Saber Source

All of these factors just go to show how much Saber Source truly cares about their products. Not only are they high-quality (and hella fun!) products, but they really make the whole customer experience an unforgettable one. They even have a physically active community that meets on a weekly basis to use their sabers. Joining and sessions are completely free of charge. Just send them a message! “We make sure that the experience of our customers purchasing, playing, and maintaining their lightsaber is like a kid at Christmas: magical and fantastic,” says Yao.

Saber Source delivers all around the Metro – and beyond! That’s right. You can order these babies from anywhere in the Philippines or even the world. In fact, they already have a lot of customers from different parts of the globe. Get yours – and maybe start collecting them? 😉 – now!

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