This Air Conditioner Offers Ultimate Comfort Without Breaking the Bank

Let’s face it: no matter what month it is, it’s always hot in the Philippines. However, a lot of us have already experienced high electricity bills when we overuse our aircons and end up using it sparingly, even when it’s already causing us discomfort.

Why are Air Conditioners Important?

If, like me, you have a kid in the family; heat can cause issues beyond discomfort. It can affect your mood and cause crankiness, for example. This could, in turn, affect your relationships in the household. Heat can also cause excessive sweating even with electric fans in use, making being at home extremely uncomfortable. Even worse, it can cause skin issues like rashes.

As the country’s heat index continues to rise, Filipino households are increasingly focusing on establishing a comfortable space indoors to do their chores and daily activities. When the home is cooled sufficiently, homes transform into safe and rejuvenating spaces for the family to bond and share precious moments with. Every member of the household can go about their daily routines with ease without the discomfort caused by the unbearable heat outside.

How to Combat Heat Without Racking Up the Electricity Bills

If you’ve been surprised by a staggering electricity bill in the past, especially from the use of split-type air-conditioning, you might be wondering: how can you efficiently cool your home and make everyone in the family feel comfortable without compromising on your budget?

The solution? An air conditioner that is efficient, can provide comfort, and won’t break the bank. Say hello to Carrier’s fully loaded split-type inverter aircon, the Carrier Aura Inverter.

Carrier Aura Inverter Review

The new Carrier Aura Inverter is Carrier’s most efficient split-type inverter that offers the highest energy savings. Based on an 8-hour run test at 18C, the inverter aircon only costs 1.13 per hour, thanks to its top-of-the-line features. How awesome is that? The Carrier Aura Inverter also offers a ton of features that will make your home life easier.

Carrier Aura Inverter

Photo from Carrier

Carrier Aura Inverter Features

Intelligent Eye Sensor

The Carrier Aura’s Intelligent Eye Sensor automatically lowers the frequency of the compressor when no presence is detected in the room so that it runs at minimum speed and saves energy.

So, if you quickly step out for errands, head to another room to do something else for a bit, or have a quick shower; the Carrier Aura will actually help you save money without having to turn it off. Admit it: once you turn it off, you usually end up thinking twice before you turn it on again. With this feature, you’ll no longer have to worry. Plus, once you get back into the room, the AC will go back to its regular operation.

Innovative Inverter System

The Carrier Aura has an innovative inverter system with full DC technology that fortifies its efficiency even further. It basically propels the Carrier Aura Inverter to the lowest wattage at 560W for 1.0HP (vs 700W of other split type models).
Silent Mode Function

If you hate the rrr-rrr sound that air conditioners tend to make, the Carrier Aura has a Silent Mode function that provides quiet cooling with an indoor sound level of only 20dB. That’s the sound of a mere whisper! This makes it perfect for people like me who have to record things for work every now and then. You won’t be bothered by any noise while you work or while you sleep, either.

Breeze Away Feature

For those that like to control the airflow of their AC, the Carrier Aura unit has a Breeze Away feature that allows you to redirect airflow and give a shower of cool air without a harsh draft. It even brings cool air into every corner of the room with a 4-way airflow swing function for both vertical and horizontal louvres. For even more control, its fan speed can be adjusted within a 1- 100% grade.

Carrier Aura Inverter 2

Photo from Carrier

Modern Remote Control

The Carrier Aura is really easy to control. Its Modern Remote Control has a convenient large LCD screen device that allows easy access to key functions like the Intelligent Eye, Eco-Gear,and Humidity Control.

Tri-Filtration System

The Carrier Aura Inverter takes things up even more with its innovative Tri-Filtration system including High Density, Cold Catalyst, and Silver Ion filters. This means that, if you have allergies, it can get rid of dust particles for a more comfortable home environment even when you are in full housecleaning mode. It can also get rid of bad odors, making it perfect for homes that have pets and rooms that are connected to a bathroom. It can also get rid of bacteria and viruses for a cleaner, germ-free home.

Active Clean Function

Cleaning aircons isn’t an easy task, so this inner maintenance of the Carrier Aura is a great help as it keeps the indoor coils dry to prevent mildew build-up. It also has a Smart Protection System that’s built for durability and powered by intelligent sensors to protect the systems from voltage, temperature, and current fluctuations. Lastly, a PCB coating guards against damage from lizards, ants, and spider infestations.

Excellent After-Sales Service

The actual unit aside, another thing to think about when choosing an aircon is its after-sales service. It’s so important nowadays to know that someone will be there to help you out when you need it. Because of this, Carrier is definitely the right brand to choose because they have easily accessible experts that you can reach both via online channels and their Carrier hotline: #2277437. They also have reliable after-sales service with available spare parts in case you need to get your unit fixed.

If you’re in need of a new aircon, we highly recommend the Carrier Aura Inverter. It’s the most efficient way to combat the heat without compromising on your savings.

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